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6 Simple Steps for Botanical Home Décor

6 Simple Steps for Botanical Home Décor

Don’t quite have the time for relaxing walks in nature? How about bringing nature to you? It only takes very few, simple steps for botanical home décor to be complete and perfectly ambient! Blurring the lines between our homes and nature, we would like to guide you through small, simple steps for botanical home décor, which requires only very little care!

1. Accentuate with Plants

As we’re all well aware of Scandinavian design’s polished materials and achromatic colours, it’s important to break the iciness of the interior with an accent colour. And there’s no better way of doing so than using large-leaved plants that provide deep, vibrant green! Call it one of the first steps for botanical home décor and build upon it later – by adding other mediums revolving around similar colour.

Let’s get practical:

I. Place a Big Monstera plant on a singular plant holder
II. Buy big leaved plants such as Banana, Palm or Dracaena and place them in a corner
III. Sparkle up the coffee table or favourite shelf with Peperomia or Spider Plant

2. Mix different Home Decor Items

“Botanical” means much more than plants themselves. Go for pillows, posters, curtains, rugs, pots, blankets or furniture cooperating in the colour of your chosen plants. To energize the room, even more, you can choose to use accent colours imitating what’s typical for tropics or woods, such as yellow, orange or blue.

Let’s get practical:

I. Upgrade your boring sofa with yellow, orange and blue pillows
II. Use wood as your main furniture material
III. Go for handmade ceramics and tribal style statues

3. Decorate with patterns of plants and nature

A very simple step for botanical home décor is to choose mediums carrying designs of plants or other botanical patterns. These can be displayed on pillows, curtains or wallpapers even! Oh, and most of all – on the posters!

Let’s get practical:

I. To absorb truthful forest ambience, equip your living room with a leaf patterned curtains
II. Decorate the bathroom with tropical wallpaper for a real lush experience
III. Add an extra plant to your interior - printed on a poster!  

4. Compose a Gallery Wall

A green paradise that doesn’t need to be taken care of? How’s that even possible? Well – all the pretty little plants are printed on the posters! Choose in between tropical forest or woods theme and incorporate various posters or other mediums. Using a bit of typography and line art here and there will underline the gallery’s finesse. Besides, you can go for shelves to co-opt tiny plants in pots or A4 format posters displaying plants or botanical patterns! Assuming that creating a gallery wall is a very crucial step for botanical home décor, make sure you won’t ever leave your walls bare.

Let’s get practical:

Check out our nature posters and our guide on how to make the perfect gallery wall

5. Incorporate vertical garden

The newest trend for both exterior and interior fits into a botanical theme perfectly. Pick up your favourite green plants (and pick up a lot of them!) and think of the many ways how to build them up into the vertical garden. Single shelves, repaired wooden palettes or metal chart constructions are few of many possibilities. Additionally, the vertical garden is a great solution for small balconies or kitchens where herbs can be planted and kept. And that’s what we call functional, yet simple step for botanical home décor!

Let’s get practical:

I. Use a small ladder and put up the plant pots on each step
II. Reuse the old fruit boxes to create cute garden shelves
III. Put an old palette up to the wall and plant your favourite herbs in spaces in between the laths 

6. Hang the plants

A fan of Modern Boho style? Seek no more and simply hang a pot with your favourite plant! Create something we call “hygge corner” and absorb the ambience! You can choose macramé plant hangers, ladders or wooden boxes. The more rustic it looks – the better!

Let’s get practical:

I. Create macrame holders for your pots and use the hooks to hang them
II. Nail an old, wooden ladder horizontally to the wall and hang the plant pots on it
III. Make use of air-glass terrariums for plants put together in different shapes and sizes.

Finally, always remember to co-opt other mediums than plants and focus on imitating the ambience of nature. And, most importantly, don’t leave out your walls completely bare! Now, sit back and ingest the atmosphere!