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6 Tips How to Choose the Right Poster Frame

6 Tips How to Choose the Right Poster Frame

We’ve all been there. Right after ordering posters, prints & another medium, we simply can’t wait to hang them up to the walls and upgrade our homes.

However, we can’t deny that most of us would forget about the importance of having the frames ready. Sadly, the posters would terribly often end up being roll-packed, tossed in the corner of the room.

But do NOT let that happen to your newly bought poster!

We would like to walk you through trending types of frames to help you out with choosing the perfect one so that you can finally arrange the poster wall you have always dreamed of!

1. Never let your posters go bare on the walls!

Trust us on this: Poster Frame is as important as peanut butter to your jelly! And as you wouldn’t eat jelly itself, you shall not hang your poster up to the wall without the frame.

Frames are a powerful tool which can tone down a colourful piece or make a neutral print look bolder. If you’ve liked it then you should have put a frame on it!

2. Going Minimal? Choose Black and White Frame!

If you’re a fan of minimalistic prints, line artor typography posters – hesitate no more! It’s specifically the black frame which is going to get the lighter tones the right amount of contrast! It will as well highlight the darker tones. And that is super important since we really want that motivational, typography picture to stand out!

With Black and White Frames you’re the master in creating a minimalist, yet modern, formal and elegant vibe.


Motivational Quote Poster                         Wandering Eye Poster

White Frames are specifically great when creating a more eclectic, casual look. Although, it is a great decision to blend them together in just one composition!

The Golden Ratio poster is the ultimate must-have for any interior

3. Going rustic? Choose Wooden Frame!

A perfect match for industrial, rustic and natural looking homes! As wood is the most natural choice, it truly does offer a warm and classic vibe.  Wooden Frames vary in tones and colours, therefore it is important to know whether you want to accentuate the beauty of the wood itself or the print in it.

If you want to frame a print or poster of red, brown or orange colour, choose dark wood.

Rustic Frames such as will create a great contrast to the picture!  In terms of material, it’s mahogany or walnut that will do the job.

A light-coloured wooden frame is perfect for colder tones such as blue, green or violet and will complement these colours just perfect.

Regarding the prints, it is a fair choice to stick to patterns of Nature, Botanicals, Flowers or Plants. Both Wooden Picture Frames and Posters will then cooperate and accentuate each other’s Natural features!

The Family Abstract Geometry Poster is the perfect choice if you are a fan of warm colours!

4. Going luxurious? Choose Metal Frame!

Do you like it all shiny and trendy? Then seek Metal Frame for your posters, prints and wall art!

With these, you’ll be able to master the most modern looking home. This type of frame truly does lift a picture’s colouring and makes the display generally more vibrant and eye-catching.

We’d suggest NOT to use too complicated prints for metal IS an outstanding material itself – when used correctly. But as – Black and White Posters are always a solution! Use it with Golden Frame to create a glamorous, warm and luxury feeling! To strike rather cold but modern vibe, go for Silver Frame!

Although, you might want to create a slightly industrial or lazy chic effect – and that’s where Copper Frame comes to game! It’s as unusual & different as it is in vogue!

We’d as well recommend blending less prominent materials into the composition of Framed Posters for it‘s very easy and tempting to overkill the overall look with all that glamour and shine!

Simply, frame some minimalistic, even abstract or geometric prints or posters of rather monochrome colours and the world’s safe!

It's always good to have a quote poster with an inspirational statement like the Dare to Dream Big wall art on your walls!

5. Going Modern? Choose Glass Frame!

Transparent. Simple. Easy to use.

A new, innovative way how to deal with framing your favourite prints (or plants even)!

Simplicity plays a role, however, this kind of a frame will give literally anything the desired, artistic look! They usually consist of two panes of glass, a frame made of wood or metal.

6. Mix it together!

It’s always a good idea to play around with different materials, shapes and frames when composing more than a few posters, prints or another medium on the wall.

By order of Scandinavian design – less is more and that does apply in this matter, too.

However, Black and White Frames mixed together with Metal Frames are so worth the shot! Be humble about the metal parts and the outcome will be the right level of classy!

Since we love posters (and by that we mean a lot of them!) we’d always recommend styling a gallery wall rather than displaying one or a few posters all alone! A poster wall such as has the ability to speak for it’s the creator and tell a story of who she/he is!

If you’d like to compose yourself one but don’t quite know where to start, check out our tips on how to style a wall of posters and get inspired!