From Imagination to Art - How our Posters Come Alive

Wed, Jun 20, 2018

Project Nord tends to use many different sources of inspiration and techniques to make the prints we create alive. Let’s see how we created a connection with nature via art for our posters.

The inspiration of nature

Nature is something that has been inspiring artists for decades. Colours, shapes, form, geometry and so on -  the list is basically never-ending when it comes to influencing design and art. For us, the little details were the most striking aspects of nature when we designed a series of fruit posters.

This is how our fruit posters were made

Lemons, papayas, figs, pomegranates - to emphasize the uniqueness and the baroque still life for the posters, we used hand drawing to sketch the concepts and ideas.


To make the tiny details come alive, we used the watercolour painting method - which also gave us a good opportunity to play with different shades. Regarding the colours and the figures, our main aim was to create posters that can nicely complement a minimalist home - so you can achieve a perfect contrast between the sleek interior and the detailed motives.


If you can’t get enough of fruits like us, check out the collection and bring some cool, eclectic look to your home!