The Geometric Abstract Art in Poster Design

Thu, Jun 21, 2018

Shapes, forms, colours, lines - all used to demolish perspective, but at the same time, to create something that reaches beyond the existing world. Abstract art - and one of its movements, called geometric abstract art has been always popular, but nowadays, with a modern twist, it is basically essential and inevitable in poster design.

The origin of Abstraction - before it became important for poster

Abstraction has been there in the early art and used by earlier cultures as well - however, the real origin of abstract art is in the 19th centuries. The birth of geometric abstract art is also dated back to that time: in 1918, Kazimir Malevich painted his iconic Suprematist Composition: White on White - and with that, he had a huge influence on the contemporary scene and the world of art - and for poster design as well.

kazimir-malevich-white-on-white-project-nord-blogKazimir Malevich: White on White, 1918.

Geometric Abstract Design in Nowadays - and how it influences posters

In the 21st century, geometry and abstraction in art and design are widely used and recognized. Project Nord is also fond of the art based on using geometric forms in the posters, as we have a huge degree of freedom when it comes to make a print alive - and to design posters that fit into the Scandinavian, minimalist home.

Project Nord's Geometry-inspired posters

For example, our Composition posters were inspired by the Bauhaus Design School - we also used an upgraded colour pallet for the contemporary home.

Composition - the posters are available in 3 colours and 7 sizes

For our Modern Geometry posters, we wanted to be a little bit playful with the colours and shapes: the result is full of good vibes for your home or your office.

The Modern Geometry Collection - perfectly playful

If you are fond of geometry, then discover our Geometry posters for the perfect Scandinavian interior!