The Revival of Line Art Posters

Tue, Jun 12, 2018

A technique that favour shapes and forms over colours and shadows are becoming hugely popular again due to its minimalistic nature, especially when it comes to poster design. A brief history of line art.

From the beginning...

The line - which is one of the seven elements of art - has been always considered as a powerful artistic expression. Even artists from the 16th century agreed with it, but line art tends towards realism. Before photography and modern graphic design, line art and line drawing were very important as it was used as the primary method for illustration. Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso were among those artists, who made illustrations and drawings using the line art technique.

Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Igor Stravinsky. 1920.

… to nowadays

As vintage trends and flat designs have started to gain popularity among designers, line art has also become recognized - especially in poster design. The main reason: line art poster designs have a simple yet characteristic nature that can easily complement any interior and bring that Scandinavian minimalist vibe. A line art poster - with its black and white colours - can perfectly fit into any room in your home and looks good with any home decor.

Postermile’s line art posters

We love the uniqueness and mysteries of line art design, so we created our own art line posters to show that this genre has various possibility regarding shapes and forms. Postermile’s art line posters usually use the one line technique - the posters are created using only 1 line to create the drawings - with a minimalistic colour palette to nicely complement your Scandinavian style interior.

For this art line poster collection, we created faces - we were inspired by Roman and Athenian women, different tribes or Hollywood in the 1950s.