Top Tricks & Tips on How to Style a Poster

Thu, Jan 24, 2019

Have you just moved into a new place and want to feel at home asap? There’s no better way of doing so than by upgrading your walls with posters!
It is truly nothing new to say how greatly can poster wall art contribute to the overall vibe of our new place. However, styling a wall of posters is not as easy as displaying a newly bought vase or couch.

In this article, we will help you out with a few, easy steps how to style a wall of posters you won’t be able to take your eyes off!

So, how to style a wall of posters?

Find your personal poster style

Your personality plays an important role!

Think of the wall you want to boost as a mirror of your life.

Do not be afraid to go deeper down into what you expressly like, into your fantasies, imagination, perhaps even hobbies!

If you style a poster mosaic based on the „uniqueness“ of being you, there’s no way you won’t like the final masterpiece.

What is it that you want your wall art to say about you?

Ask yourself what is it that you expressly like to do in your spare time? This will help you figure out a theme you can set the poster gallery into.

If you’re a fan of:

Nature  - go for botanical prints with plants, flowers, leaves, beaches and nature! 

Cooking & gastronomy - look for vegetables & fruit or cocktail motifs to boost your kitchen or dining room!

    Cheesy quotes - add some typography posters to inspire or motivate yourself!

      Fine design and art - search for abstract, minimalistic or geometric shapes prints.

          After all, isn’t it art itself to be able to show off who you truly are?

          Pick the colour based on the theme you have chosen

          What is the mood you would like your artsy wall art to spread around?

          Here are some tips & tricks on how to style a wall of posters in the desired vibe:

          • Calming & relaxing? - go for pastel colour posters to create warming or icy tone! Blue, violet, green, grey, nude or yellow are the colours found to be the most calming.
          • Fresh & tropical? - spice up your design with botanical posters rich in colours (such as orange, yellow or green) to create tranquillity effect.
          • Elegant and minimalistic? - a solution for all the lazy artistic souls! Nothing wrong about it, tho! Minimalistic is a way of living these days, ain’t it? Use the perfect match of black and white posters and add up some line art
          • Chic and girly? - go for that girl power! Seek delightful, feminine colours accompanied with your favourite inspirational quotes. Fashion can totally take a place in here as well. Blush, pink and nude colours will do the job! 
          • Vibrant and colourful? - if you really want that poster wall to be the heart of all the attention, go for saturated, dominant colours. These are widely found in abstract and geometric prints. Choose out from yellow, blue, red, pink or purple even! Truly no boundaries here … 

          Choose the correct type of frame

          There are various types, materials and shapes of frames available. What you want to do is to create a perfect match in between the frame and the poster. If you strive for an elegant vibe, you can use golden, silver or copper frames to underline the sophistication of your wall art. Although, if you wish to keep the minimalist accent, black and white frames are a fair solution.  Most importantly, make sure that a single frame holds everything in a place and is easy to handle and maintain.

          Arrange the layout of the posters

          Finally, we can put our hands to work and play around! This step is all about how good you are at Tetris game! No kidding. What you need to do is to create your composition on the floor (or on the table) and move around to find the perfect position.

          Step 1: Firstly, find the core

          You might want to find a central spot, a larger and more important poster that is substantial to you. All around, if you want to move with others posters (or another medium you want to include) until you find that sweet spot. If you have more than one large, substantial piece, always put them close together.

          Step 2: Balance the colours of wall art

          If the poster gallery is not balanced in colours, the eyes can overlook less vibrant coloured posters, such as typography. Simply, if you’ve put a rich coloured poster to the right side of the wall, you want to put the same level vibrant colour to the opposite side. The same applies to less dominant colours. For example, if you have two posters with an orange, don’t hang them close together.  Rather split them and use typographic or minimalistic poster to in between of them and create a contrast!

          Step 3: Keep all the ideas

          A good idea is to take pictures with your smartphone which makes it easier to compare all the different displays you have already created. As well you can mark down the positions with not-as-much-sticky tape. It is very important you make an agreement with yourself on how to style a wall of posters before you ever start installing your favourite design.

          Step 4: Pay attention to cohesion

          To sort of make the whole poster wall more cohesive, you basically need to hang smaller and smaller pieces the further you go from the centre. However, try NOT to leave any blank spaces in between the posters. The whole poster wall looks way better if its different parts stick together rather than trying to spread the design all around.

          Step 5: Hang the pictures on the wall

          You can ease your life a little bit by printing out a picture of the composition you feel like it’s going to work the best. You can use it as a guideline for where exactly you want to hang your posters.
          Although, we would recommend spending a little extra money on a professional. They can surely hang everything without as much of a risk or damage is taken. You can, for example, use TaskRabbit, Handy and many other services providing apps.
          If you are on a budget & want to get this done DIY way and do not necessarily feel like putting holes into your walls, check out ideas for undamaged walls.

          Remember that great design ideas are not born over the night therefore just take some time until you have an idea of how to style a wall of posters in your own kind of perfect. Simply, always try to stick to the theme and the tone you have picked up. Most importantly, always let your personality to play a role rather than looking up to what’s trending now.

          We certainly believe you’ll style yourself an extraordinary poster art!