Ultimate Wall Decoration Ideas to Sparkle Up Your Home

Wed, Feb 13, 2019

Do you feel like you really put yourself into creating a stylish and cosy home but something doesn’t quite play along? In this era of home decoration & interior design, there are many ways how to make your home feel perfectly put together. You’ve got yourself all the pillows, candles and curtains but … have you paid enough attention to probably the largest open spaces you have – your walls?

These empty spaces surrounding you perhaps even all day along are filled with possibilities and even very few additions can make your premises stylish & trendy. We believe there is no interior design without wall decoration!

It’s easy said than designed, but we’ve got your back!  

In this article, we would like to walk you through 5 different wall decoration ideas suitable for 5 different rooms and help you create your own Instagram – worthy home!

1. How to make a Cosy Living room

Think of your living room as a place where you can show off your designer’s skill at its best. Since it’s a place where you’ll be seating your guests hopefully quite often – make sure you’ll serve them the best of your taste!

There are very many living room ideas and different styles to follow. Whether your living room fits into Bohemian, Scandinavian or Luxurious Style, always follow its vibe when choosing the wall decorations. It will greatly underline the theme and complete the overall feel.

I. Are you a fan of Scandinavian design?

If you’re following Northern styling, truly emphasize the beauty of clean materials and colours such as grey, black & white. Add wooden bits and pieces here and there, preferably in frames. Stick to framed living room posters of minimalist theme with some line art or typography. Don’t hesitate when it comes to metal hangings or mirrors! They add up to overall cleanliness and purity of Scandinavian Style. Simplicity makes beauty.

Nothing can beat the elegance of our Marble Pyramid poster!

II. Inspired by Bohemian Design?

Cosiness overload! Modern Bohemian style revolves around functional cosiness and it’s rather difficult not to overkill the final look with too many decorations. Regarding the wall decoration  – remain inexpensive. Go for simple, natural origin material, but do choose wood over metal. Living room prints & posters of botanical themes and patterns come handy in here. Beige, Blue and Pastels will be your friends all along! A big FAT yes for hanging the plants in a ceramic pot! Add up some Macrame hangings and call yourself a Boho Queen. Small yellow-coloured light bulbs will be a cherry on the top!

The Balance poster will create perfect harmony in your living room!

III. Luxurious Style as a Middle Name?

A mild spending problem? Have it all, we won’t judge! Sparkly chandelier, puffy pillows, faux fur blankets and smooth carpets. Glamorous living rooms are becoming a huge trend again and we couldn’t be more excited! Remember that mirrors are a great solution for smaller living rooms in size!  Don’t be afraid to invest in shining materials in the frames for your pictures or photographs such as silver or gold. Go for Pink blush & nude colours of posters and prints and do choose favourite typography quotes or a pretty little line artAnd keep your standards high!

Are you fancy line art posters? The Look Up wall art oozes simplicity and elegance at the same time.

IV. Personalized Gallery Wall

One of the trendiest of all Wall Decoration Ideas is a wall of posters which functions as your own, a personal gallery of what you expressly like! It’s a perfect solution for living rooms of wider walls where you have a lot of space to play around. A gallery wall such as speaks for its creator and it’s fun to make! If you want to style yourself one but do not quite know where to start, check out our Tips on How to Style a wall of Posters!

2. For a truly tranquil Bedroom

Don’t leave out the bedroom when decorating just because you’re the only one who’s got the access and sees it. That’s actually the reason why you should spend some time enhancing it. A bedroom is your own, very intimate and personal space where you should be surrounded by what makes you, YOU.

It’s a place where you wake up and start the new day and where you fall asleep, leaving the day behind. So, to possibly give you the best Wall Decoration Idea is to make you understand that you need to create your own bedroom art based on what you need the most. Simply, the bedroom inspiration you’re looking for lies within you!

I. An Energy Boost Needed

If you don’t quite see yourself as a morning person, go for typography bedroom posters to indulge a wave of morning motivation. Consider having a wallpaper put upon at least one of your walls. Make use the of Vibrant and Saturated colours, for these, will help your senses to come alive and so you will! 

The Dare to Dream poster is perfect for the real dreamers.

II. Meditate yourself to sleep 

Do you like to slowly reflect on your day before falling asleep? Choose pastel coloured bedroom prints of abstract patterns.

Simply, pick up what feeds your soul the most, including colours such as blue white, grey, purple, green or mint which is known for stimulating the neurons in a positive way. Perhaps use photographs of moments that bring back all the great memories.

The Sweet Dreams poster will be a stylish addition to your bedroom!

III. Mind The Frame!

Careful with the frame choice. Surely you don’t want to kill the smoothness of the bedroom wall we’re trying to create in here! If you’re a rookie to home decoration and don’t know how to choose a correct frame, check out our guide how to pick an up frame! We’d love to help!

3. Create the perfect soothing Bathroom

The magic of bathroom art resides in understanding the impact this particular place has on the mood. We spend a vast amount of time here, usually when starting the day and when the day is over. Freshness in the morning and cool down in the evening – that and much more can be reached with the bathroom wall decor! Morning routines can be way much more pleasurable if you can brush your teeth in the bathroom reminding of tropics, full of plants and posters with nature.

Feel the closeness of nature with the happy Plantastic Day poster!

I. Tiles Game On

The tile choice plays a starring role here, too! If you’re up to do some renovating, don’t be afraid of going for green or blue tiles small in size. In order to create super tropical, jungle-waterfall-experience each time you take a shower, choose tiles imitating stones.

If you’re a fan of long, relaxing baths, you might want to create your own personal SPA. With fresh and tropical bathroom wall accessories such as plant pots hangings, you’ll be able to take off to rainy jungle without leaving your home. Stick to green, yellow and orange colours to underline the calming vibe. Put on soothing music, throw a bath bomb in and relax!

4. Fuel yourself and Your Office

Modern era technologies keep us entertained even where they shouldn’t – at the office. We understand how irritating the procrastination might be, but we might as well have an idea of how to enhance your productivity!

Office art is becoming popular for the decoration of your workplace can vastly determine how efficient you are. Research shows that our brain is unconsciously responding to a colour stimulus which can both keep us focused and going.

Now, what is your temperament type?

I.  I am focused and consistent!

Seems like we have a phlegmatic tempered person here! You truly do tend to persevere in your work. We’d suggest going for pastel or beige coloured posters or prints. These can help you stay focused even longer without being disrupted.

 Stay focused in your office with a geometry poster like our Bauhaus wall art!

II. I get it done in NO time!

A sanguine! Choose rather vibrant colours such as orange, red or yellow. These can really kick off your brain activity so that you can get your tasks done in a shorter time!

The posters from the Spanish Summer Collection are all you need if you like vivid colours!

III. Wall decoration ideas for your office art

Speaking of themes and patterns, choose modern, abstract or geometric shapes posters and prints. To get yourself a little extra motivation, go for motivational posters for office. Moreover, don’t forget to surround yourself with inspirational material and pin it on your notice-board! It might sound cheesy, but it’s a good idea to put up photographs of great memories or even your loved ones! It is just to remind you there are many other things that work to life. Keep up the good work!

5. Tips on How to Create an Appetizing Kitchen

Spending immense hours in the kitchen cooking for the whole family or partner can get exhausting. Top this up with a busy schedule and we feel more like a slave to our home than joyful about our chef skills.

Yet, cooking can be turned into a hobby. To help you develop that you can start by customizing the kitchen with wall decoration for the food only tastes good when it's prepared with love, joy and inspiration.

I. Wall Decoration Ideas for your kitchen

For example, you can frame your favourite recipes and combine them with vintage kitchen posters. Go for posters with appetizing fruits, veggies or cocktails! Stick to pastels and choose yellow, brown or orange which is known to be luscious colours! You might want to put up a few shelves for both practical and decorative reasons. Display some flowers & herbs, kettles or cute tea sets!


Feeling orangey? Go for this refreshing vintage botanical poster!

An empty wall is as sad and lonely as a toast without avocado is! Remember that interior design truly goes hand in hand with the wall decor. We certainly hope we’ve managed to give you a few Wall Decoration Ideas and that you will upgrade at least one of your rooms with a lovely wall décor!