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    In this section, you will find frames that perfectly fit the 30x40 size posters. (12x16 in inches).

    A 30x40-size poster is a great addition to any interior design. The sizing is not too big to overshadow other items of the room, however, still brings enough of the art in the room.

    Check out what we at Project Nord have to offer! We have a wide variety of posters and frames that will fit any home, workspace or other interior design. 30x40-frame size is friendly not only for a kids room but also any other room.

    The reason why we use frames is to outline the artwork. For example, when cave dwellers were making drawings on the cave walls, they were outlining the animals or other creatures or experiences that they had experienced.

    Yet now, at times it might more difficult to divide where the artwork begins and where it ends. Hereby framing is a tool to help our eyes divide the attention from whatever is in the surroundings of the artwork and we are able to look exactly into it.

    Another great feature of frames is that they are able to protect the posters, pictures and artworks. If there were no photo frames, the rays of the sun could ruin many pictures over the years, or street posters could not have survived the rainy autumn days if they weren’t framed and protected.

    Picture frame sizes explained

    If you have been wondering what is the 30x40cm frame in inches, then here is your answer: 30x40 size picture converted from centimetres translates to 11,8x15,7 inches, to be exact.

    In addition, your next question is most likely on what size frame for a 30x40 print you should use, and the answer is: 30x40cm or smaller. Yes, if you use a smaller poster and put it in the centre of the frame, it will look effective and the statement of the frame will appear even stronger, because of the thicker sides.

    Check out these 30x40 size posters at Project Nord! We assure that our posters will fit the frames that you can find on our website! By the way, the 30x40 frame on the wall looks fabulous!

    It can be confusing to make a decision of which way to go to with so many different picture frames and picture frame sizes. Sometimes you see the picture frame sizes in inches, sometimes photo sizes in cm. It is hard to understand at times because there are so many variations of those sizes.

    The standard page sizes such as A1, A2, A3, A4 and so forth are a very specific length and width. By specific, we mean that they are not rounded numbers, not full centimetres or inches, but, for example, the height of A1 size paper is 841 millimetres. It is such an odd number, that without careful measurements, it is difficult to replicate. Even if you got the photo sizes in cm, it can still be confusing on what frame size should you go for.

    30x40 frame is the way to go!

    Framing a picture is a great idea to pursue. You would be surprised by the difference between a poster on the wall and the same poster framed on the wall. Our store has to offer not only wooden frames, white frames and black frames, but also magnetic frames for different size posters.

    Even though posters in the very beginning were used as a form of promotion, the times have moved on and now posters are an affordable way to decorate your home. With the technologies today, it is possible to bring a perfect quality to large posters that an artist has designed. Hereby the piece of art can be distributed further and bring joy to more people than ever before!

    Get your poster and frame at Project Nord and enjoy the fabulous décor around your home every day!

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