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    When it comes to adding colour to your interior, it can get tricky to incorporate. But don't be afraid to try experimenting in your home. And blue is for sure one of the colours most affable to those of us who are scared to step out of our minimalist comfort zone. 

    Minimalism doesn't necessarily mean that your interior has to be black and white with not a drop of another colour. Just look at the best Scandi interiors. They all go for natural complementary colours to brighten up their homes. Take a look at our collection of blue posters and feel inspired to add blue to your interior. 

    38 products

    Blue Posters are a safe step into the unknown, especially for those that avoid adding any colour into their interior. However, adding them to your minimalist wall art collection may just be that next fragment that has been missing to completing the calming and soothing oasis that is your home. 

    Blue Posters are especially great for those who love nature. What resembles the Earth more than the blue skies and seas. In Project Nord's collection of blue posters, we not only have posters that represent the sea and sky, but we also have more abstract and contemporary art posters. We love the art prints our designers make and the creative ways in which they can bring a piece of nature into your interiors.

    Wanting to know a bit more about blue and colour theory? Have you ever noticed how many big corporations around the world use blue in their logo design? This is not just by coincidence. The colour blue creates feelings of trust, dignity and authority. Bear that in mind the next time you're choosing a bank.

    Blue has always been among the top colours used in the most significant art pieces throughout history. Just think of the famous paintings Compositions by Piet Mondrian created only using blue, red and yellow on a black and white canvas. This later inspired one of the most famous collections from fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent: the 1965 The Mondrian collection.

    Blue posters are cool and calming

    Whether you're going for dark blue or light blue posters, all shades represent serenity, trust and strength.  So there's no way you can go wrong with any art prints from our classic Blue Posters collection. And because blue is such a universal colour, it's an amazing way to express your personal interests in life through wall art. 

    So how do you style your Blue Posters within a minimalist Scandi interior? As blue is such a calming colour it will complement one specific room perfectly. Yes, that's right. Blue is the best colour for any bedroom posters. So if you haven't been sure about the right area to place wall art in shades of blue, you just found it. Your favourite blue art prints will stand out amazingly next to your bed or dresser. 

    Colourful posters are such fun visual products! You can choose from the custom framings we have in our store and there's literally no way you can go wrong. Wooden frames look especially good when contrasted against a blue poster. Embracing blue to express the calmness of nature is undoubtedly how any Scandinavian would incorporate a wall print into their interior. 

    What's more, we are 100% sure you can find products that perfect blue poster for your room in Project Nord's Blue Posters collection. Our posters are printed in the highest quality for amazing prices, and with every poster purchased, a tree is planted through our partnership with Tree-Nation. There's nothing left to say, other than to get browsing and good luck with picking your favourite art prints.

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