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    Are you looking for a calming but playful colour scheme to introduce into your interiors? Then you need to take a look at our pastel posters collection. 

    Pastel colours really feel like something special. As they are pale and muted in tone, they work beautifully in minimal homes without being too garish and bold. In fact, they manage to remain subtle whilst bringing something fun to the feeling of a room.

    Within our collection of pastel wall art, we have everything from abstract, painted motifs to graphic representations of more realistic scenes. You will be surprised at how many places in your home can come alive when one of these designs is thoughtfully placed within.

    Just take a look at our Lucky Bellis poster. This design is inspired by the pastel blue sky and features three daisies.

    This print reminds us of the springtime when the sun is shining and the air is crisp and fresh. It’s just beautiful and is a great way to incorporate a minimalist pastel poster.

    We also have our abstract pastel designs. A collection of pastel colours together in a figurative formation look so good hanging on any wall. 

    Our Lanzarote design proves this point perfectly. The pastel greys and pinks look so good next to a flash of electric yellow. Looking at this poster really transports you away by emanating those relaxed holiday feelings.

    It’s difficult to find pastel shades that clash with one another. So, collecting different designs and assembling them as a gallery wall is a great idea that’s easy to pull off. 

    In fact, as pastel shades have become so popular recently, you could get your hands on some other pastel homeware items to match. Imagine one of these posters hung above a couch with a lovely, pastel-green knitted throw on it? And, just to top it off, some pastel cushions to match? What a lovely scene!

    Why do pastel posters make such a good addition to your home? 

    Pastel colours are so easy to incorporate into your interiors. They combine together flexibly and just work!

    But, what is it about pastel shades that everyone loves so much? Well, pastels are meant to remind us of springtime. What a lovely time of year to have permanently incorporated in your home decor! They feel warm and optimistic. 

    Also, pastel colours can be used in such a wide variety of ways. Minimal pastel posters look sleek and stylish. You can also experiment with pastel graphic design that looks really rich in colour and feeling. 

    This flexibility makes them very easy to work with. For example, pastel poster boards are easy and fun to create. Collect different pastel posters and combine them with mementoes from your own life - think postcards, photos, and tickets. You could even include things such as pressed flowers to really make your collection come to life. 

    Next, arrange the pieces together into a formation that you feel is pleasing to the eye. It might be nice to arrange it on a board with a subtle, pastel background. This will tie each of the pieces together. It could act like a creative, minimal bulletin board! 

    These poster walls are beautiful to look at and keep you engaged with your arty self. You can change them around as you want, depending on how you feel. Design projects like these make for rewarding hobbies that you can get so much out of. 

    If you want something more put together, try framed prints! Pairing a pastel-coloured design with a bold, darker frame looks striking and unique. Draw out any detailed colours in the poster and mount it to match!

    With help from Project Nord, you know that the pastel posters you receive will be premium designs where the depth of colour is printed to its highest potential. The posters are also easy to buy online and have free shipping worldwide. 

    So, if you want to incorporate some warm, subtle tones into your home, then Project Nord is the right place to start. Browse through our collection of pastel wall art today and see what lovely combinations you come up with.

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