Green Posters

If only all the wall art would be in the natural earth tones.  Green Posters are most definitely the best bright colour for your Scandi interior. We all know how much Scandinavians love their nature and they always put effort in having as many earth tones and natural materials at home as possible. 

Project Nord's green wall art will be a refreshing addition to your wall art gallery.  Except the campaign posters and environmental slogans you have in your storage room since the last environmental movement protest you attended, green canvas is amazing for literally any room in your home. 

Ever since the earth atmosphere has been warming up and we all know about it, it's essential that people turn back to the nature. But as long as you live in a concrete jungle, it might be difficult to find that moment of the day to get out and connect with earth again. 

That's why bringing a bit of floral patterns into your home is a great step not only towards going green and becoming an environmentalist, but natural tones and leaf motives right there in your living room will connect you to the nature even though you might be closed between concrete walls. 

Sure, environmental movements are one, recently very popular way to save the planet. Another way is to consciously make better decisions and as long as we decorate our homes, we might as well choose to do it sustainably. 

Project Nord is here to change the way you adorn your home. In our Green Posters collection you can find number of natural wall art from leaf motives, earth posters to seamless patterns to add on to your Line Art Posters collection.

Why do Scandinavians love Green design?

If you're up for some complete redecoration, then we suggest adding some ceramic wall tiles into your interior. They look amazing and what's more, the only decoration you'll ever need next to them is a stylish poster.  If you fo for grey or emerald ones, one of our Green Posteres is literally a match made in, well, design studio. But you get the point!

Natural colours have been set addition to Scandinavian homes since the very beginning, as well as natural materials. You can never go overboard with these, so don't be afraid to mix them up and add some cosy blankets to match the design. If you're scared you're going to mess something up, just read our recent article on what kind of materials Scandinavians love to embrace in their interiors.

With Project Nord you have a guarantee that any home decor you purchase will be sustainably made, with the best interest of the environment in mind. It's not just about the “having a pretty home” part for us. We print our posters with the most sustainable methods, using ecologically sourced materials. 

What's more, we never keep an extra stock. Every poster is being printed after it has actually been purchased, so that we avoid any kind of waste. And, to go that extra step further, we plant a tree for each and every poster you buy from Project Nord.  You can read more about our corporate social responsibility on our website. 

As we're all admirers of powerful movements like Fridays for Future or The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, and of the people behind all these movements, who are not afraid to stand up for our future and the future of our planet, we can help ourselves but try to inspire you and urge you to make better decisions as a consumer. 

If you love the earth and you care, but you maybe don't have that many options to make a change, or you just don't really know about them, you can read up on some of our inspirational articles about sustainability. Sustainable development is a long term commitment, but believe us, you will sleep better after you implement change into your life.

Our Green Posters collection is easy to hang, not only because of our practical wooden frames, but of course because it works with any kind of decor, so you can hang a poster in any room you would prefer.  The natural posters with fantastic flower patterns are perfect for your Scandi interior! 

And if you by any chance prefer autumn leaves over green motives, you can have a look around our Botanical and Nature Posters collection, which will perfectly complement the Green Posters collection in your home. More nature, the better, isn't that right?

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