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    Green Posters are a great choice to bring bright colours to your Scandi-inspired interior. If only all wall art could be in natural earthy tones! We all know how much the Scandinavians love their nature and they always put in the effort to have as many earth tones and natural materials in their homes as possible. 

    Project Nord's green art posters will be a refreshing addition to your gallery wall. Green is the perfect colour for any room in your house and what better way to bring the outdoors inside! Take a look at our collection to find the perfect green poster for you. 

    24 products

    As the earth's atmosphere is warming up, it's essential that we turn back to nature and take care of Mother Nature. It's also so important for your health to get outdoors! However, as many of us live in big concrete jungles, it can at time be difficult to find a moment in your day to reconnect with the earth.

    One simple solution is to bring botanical and nature prints into your home. Not only is this a great way to help you go green and remind yourself to take care of the environment, but these natural tones will really help you reconnect with the majestic beauty of nature, even inside your inner-city apartment. 

    Joining Environmental movements are a great way to help save your surrounding areas and the planet as a whole. Keep this environmentalist spirit alive in your home by consciously making better decisions regarding your home interior. If you want to decorate your home, do it sustainably!

    Project Nord is here to change the way you adorn your home, in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way! In our Green Posters collection, you can find several nature inspired wall posters from leaf motives, earth posters to seamless patterns to add to your Line Art Posters collection.

    And with every poster purchased, we plant one tree in collaboration with Tree-Nation. So you can make your home a beautiful space to live in, and help save the planet at the same time!

    Why do Scandinavians love Green design?

    If you're up for some redecoration, we suggest adding some ceramic wall tiles into your interior. They look amazing and what's more, the only decoration you'll ever need to accompany them is a stylish poster. If you decide on grey, brown, black or white tiles, one of our Green Posters is a match made in heaven.

    Natural colours and materials have always been a core feature of Scandinavian homes. You can never go wrong with these tones and materials, so don't be afraid to mix them up! Top tip: add some cosy textiles such as blankets or pillows to match the design. If you're scared you might mess something up, just read our article on what kind of materials Scandinavians love to embrace in their interiors.

    With Project Nord, we guarantee that any piece of wall art you purchase will be sustainably made with the best interest of the environment in mind. It's not just about “having a pretty home” for us. We print our posters with the most sustainable methods and use ecologically sourced materials. 

    And what's more, we never keep extra stock. Every poster is being printed for purchase to avoid any kind of excess waste. You can read more about our corporate social responsibility on our website and our mission to be a sustainable company.

    We're all admirers of powerful organisations and movements like Fridays for Future or The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. All the people behind these movements are not afraid to stand up for our future and the future of our planet! We can be inspired by these movements by trying to make better decisions as a consumer. 

    If you love the earth and you want to take more action, but you really know where to begin, have a look at some of our inspirational articles about sustainability. Sustainable development is a long-term commitment, but believe us, you will sleep better at night once implementing environmentally-friendly changes into your life.

    Posters from our green collection are easy to hang, not only because of our practical and sturdy wooden frames but because they work with any kind of decor! You have the freedom to hang a green poster in any room in your home. These nature-themed posters with fantastic flower patterns are perfect for your Scandi interior! 

    And if you by any chance prefer autumn leaves over green motives, you can have a look around our Botanical and Nature Posters collection. These will perfectly complement the Green Posters collection in your home. The more nature the better!

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