Multicoloured Poster

Our Multi Coloured Posters are perfect for if you want to brighten up your home decor. Especially in more minimalist homes, posters can be a great way to inject the pop of colour that your home is so desperately yearning for. 

Don’t worry if this sounds a bit too difficult to pull off, we have a variety of colourful wall art within our collection, meaning you can choose whatever you feel is the right level of colour for your home. This can be a really fun thing to experiment with, especially if your furniture is more neutral in hue. 

If we take a dip into our own collection, the Copenhagen Poster is one of our favourite prints at Project Nord. It pictures the beautiful Nyhavn, a 17th-century waterfront here in the capital of Denmark. This site is just down the road from the Project Nord offices which is why it has a place in our heart. 

The colourful houses of Nyhavn fit in our multi coloured poster collection perfectly. The fact that there is white space around the houses stops the design from becoming overwhelming. Therefore, this poster is a brilliant way to introduce colour into your home. 

It’s especially great if you have been to Copenhagen and want a souvenir from your travels. Copenhagen is a beautiful, colourful city. It’s lovely to be reminded of this place whilst you’re elsewhere in the world. 

If realist illustrations are not so much your thing, we have so many abstract posters to choose from which feature bright colours. Colour works so well in abstract design as it helps to give the subject more direct if other aspects of it are taken away through abstraction.  

Whether you prefer hand-painted designs or prefer posters which have the digital edge, there will be something for you in our collection. 

Why should Multi Coloured Posters be the next addition to your home? 

So, let’s get into why colourful posters are perfect for your home!

First up, bright colours are sure to inject some life into a space. In fact, scientific research shows that different colours affect the brain differently. It turns out that depending on how you want to feel in your space, you should buy a poster to match. 

Dark blue is considered a particularly effective colour. For our brains, it represents night time, meaning that we are more likely to find it easy to wind down if our rooms are decorated in this colour. Add green as well and you have the two most calming colours there in front of you! 

If we reflect these theories into our interiors, you have your very own guide to interior design. Whilst green colours make great posters for lounges and other places you relax in, a black and white poster works great in a study so you can really concentrate. It’s all about getting the balance just right. 

Bright colours are stimulating so would perhaps work best somewhere you want to be energetic like the kitchen. In fact, a number of our colourful poster designs are of natural forms. One way to make sure the colour is not overbearing is by taking inspiration from nature! 

It’s lovely to pair brighter art prints with simpler designs in a gallery wall. These poster walls are brilliant for introducing colour bit by bit. As we mentioned before, it’s a good idea to introduce areas of negative space if you’re bringing lots of colours together. This way, our eyes can take all the colours in. 

What’s more, Project Nord offers premium posters for sale, and not for a high price. We print on high quality paper, meaning that the colours really pop. Choosing the right poster printing methods is imperative if you want the poster designs to really stand out. We’ve thought about everything!

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