Abstract and Geometric Posters

Are you looking for that final design detail to complete your living room or bedroom? Abstract and geometric posters are the missing piece of your puzzle. They will help you bring your spaces alive.

When it comes to designs that aren’t figurative, they are so useful within home decor as they come imbued with personality. Especially with abstract designs, interesting shapes and formations create a real sense of interest.

Another benefit of non-figurative wall posters is that they are fascinating to look at and get our brains working.

Try hanging one of these designs in a space you work in. You’ll find yourself mesmerised by twirling patterns or thought-provoking shapes. Sometimes, this is exactly the stimulation your brain needs.

Colours can also be drawn out of these designs to use as accents elsewhere in the space. This subtle method helps to draw the space together.

Try picking up on some of the subtler tones used in the poster and get a matching throw or cushions. This sort of attention to detail does not go unnoticed! In fact, it makes spaces feel like naturally relaxing places to spend time in. A sense of harmony in your interior helps create a sense of harmony in you as well.

Within our abstract collection, we have a variety of designs featuring every colour under the rainbow. And, did you know that abstract designs can be minimalist too? Our collection proves this very point. They get the balance just right.

Our geometric collection has real flare. Naturally, it is sleek and sophisticated. But, these geometric designs have personality to go with them too. By using rich colours, even geometric forms are set alive.

One thing is for sure, all designs from Project Nord are of premium quality. Take a look at our collection of abstract and geometric poster prints and shake up your interiors!

Abstract posters are brilliant for introducing some colour to your space

Abstract poster artworks brilliantly in all sorts of homes. In a minimalist home, one abstract piece can create a huge impact on a space. With white walls and clean furniture, one art piece, alive on the wall, looks stunning.

Artists began painting abstractly around the start of the twentieth century. Wassily Kandinsky, for example, was one of the pioneers of the art form.

His pieces contain lots of abstract objects and shapes pasted together in a sort of painterly collage. Kandinsky thought his pieces saw through to an alternative spiritual path, and you can see why. They are erratic, full of colour and texture, and they make you think. What can you see in Kandinsky’s works?

In Project Nord’s collection, we have a range of abstract poster designs which are in a similar style.

Our Mother poster contains abstract forms which seem to support one another. Can you see where it gets its name from? The element at the bottom of the design has the same, solid properties as our parental figures. Then, the shape near the top is able to bend and flower out.

Can you see how this art poster is similar to Kandinsky’s work? The bold forms shape together beautifully. If it doesn’t look like a Mother to you, what can you see?

Other artists who were a big part of the abstract movement were the likes of Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. These artists were both around in the fifties and have been categorised under the label of abstract expressionism.

Jackson Pollock’s pieces are famous because of how confident they are. Pollock created his work by dripping paint across a huge canvas and trailing sticks and brushes through it. They are full, overpowering, and breath-taking.

Supposedly, his works were created through surrealist automatism, where the artist loses control of their body and just lets themselves create whatever comes out.

Rothko’s artworks were also created out of a sort of meditative state. His pieces featured huge, soft-edged blocks of colour on a canvas.

He often used two tones in his paintings which were quite close to one another. One would act as the shadow to the other. The composition was always simple.

By not trying to represent anything physical, both artists were allowed to show their inner feelings. This is the very beauty of abstract art! And, their feelings laid out on a canvas could mean something to them and something completely different to someone else. The meaning is endless!

So, what sort of abstract art posters would you like to decorate your interiors with? Abstract art prints look great with solid wood mounting around them. So, try framing prints if you’re worried that they will look too busy.

Of course, there are also plenty of black and white abstract art posters for you to choose from as well. So, if experimenting with form and colour is too much, you can cut one of them out.

We have everything from more minimal designs to loud and beautiful abstract designs. Take a look at our artworks for sale and see what suits your taste.

Geometric wall art ties a minimalist room together

Geometric poster design is another brilliant way to bring a bit of extra detail to your home decor. But, where did our obsession with geometry come from?
Geometric forms have been fascinated over for centuries. The Greeks used geometric forms to decorate their vases in 900 - 700 BC.

Horizontal bands went around the circumference of the vase and decorative motifs were used to decorate in between. This could be anything from zigzags to triangles.

Back in the ninth century AD, Islamic artists believed that geometric patterns represented a spiritual realm. The way different shapes fit together infinitely was a reminder of something beyond this earth.

As a result, geometric forms are used to decorate a lot of Islamic places of worship. This works well for Islam as you are not allowed to worship objects, including paintings, in the religion. So, using geometric forms for decoration is perfect.

This same interest in geometric forms carries to today. But, what is it about geometry that people find so pleasing? Perhaps, it’s because of the same reasons people have always liked it - it’s so simple it's almost mesmerising.

When thinking about bringing geometry into your interior, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

As geometric posters are really simple and sleek, you need to think about the sort of space you want to have. Larger geometric posters can look great in minimalist spaces, as long as there are some added details in the room as well.

Just like with abstract artworks, geometric posters look great when paired up with contrasting designs. A gallery wall with a mix of these two posters would work brilliantly. Try experimenting with different sizes too and keep going until you strike the right balance.

Which are our best geometric posters? Our Play poster is a lovely example of simple but rich design. Even though the poster is made from geometric shapes, they are balanced out by the rich red colour and subtle texture. It’s interesting to see what these geometric shapes create together.

The geometric poster background looks great on this design too. The white border around the piece helps to break up the space. It even works as a sort of framing canvas for the rest of the design.

You could try hanging one of our geometric designs in your bedroom. It would be lovely to experiment with geometric bedding to tie the room together. There are loads of grid-type beddings available so they would be easy to get your hands on.

Also, opaque colours next to geometric prints look magical. Try leaning one of our framed posters on top of your dressing table and then place a large, coloured vase in front of it. Seeing parts of the pattern through the glass looks simply stunning.

So, do you have your eye on one of our posters for sale? Incorporate a geometric graphic design poster in your home! And, don’t forget, we offer free shipping worldwide. So, you can get your hands on a Project Nord poster wherever you are.

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