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Would you like to find the perfect posters and prints to fit your interior? You are in the right place! Here at Project Nord, we supply the best, Scandinavian designs which are sure to transform the spaces they’re displayed in. Just take a look at our stunning collections!

So, what sort of wall art are you after? Do you want to inject some colour into your home decor? Perhaps you want to take a look at our yellow or pink collections. Or, is something more minimalistic your style? We have a whole collection dedicated to sleek, minimalist design. Find only stylish posters here at Project Nord. 


There are also posters to suit each room in your home. For your kitchen, take a look at our botanical posters. They include beautiful, hand-painted designs of fruits and vegetables. Isn’t that inspiring for aspiring chefs out there! 

For your study, take a look at our typography and quotes collection. These pieces are brilliant to get you going and make you work faster than ever before! Sometimes all we need is a bit of motivation. Our posters, with beautiful typographic presentation, are sure to be that kick you needed. 

For the bedroom, why not try some of our line art designs. They are simply minimalist, great for calming the space so you’re ready to sleep. These pieces are also timeless and are perfect the whole year round. They’re also perfect for if you want to be adventurous with your bed linen design. Go for whatever you want with your soft furnishings with these lovely simplistic designs. 

Next, the living room. We love our abstract posters for the living spaces. They are playful, fun, and colourful, whilst maintaining a minimalist edge. They’re perfect for spaces which you want to enjoy spending time in. They may even become conversation pieces; wonderful!

The history of posters and prints!

So, have you ever wondered about the history of art posters and prints? We’ll take a look at what has lead us to this beautiful form of home decor. 

Posters were first used as part of advertising campaigns in the early nineteenth century. They were a great way of spreading a visual message, and fast. 

Thanks to the advertising agency, the world of typography changed a lot too. These posters had to be seen and read from a distance. Type had to be bold, eye-catching, and most importantly readable! Thanks to this list of criteria, new typefaces found their way into circulation. 

The first posters were made by doing wooden or metal engravings. This meant that the same image could be reproduced again and again. Such a method is costly and not flexible. It also meant that high detail and a range of colours were hard to achieve as well. 

However, when Cheret came out with his revolutionary poster-making practices in 1880, all this change. Suddenly, poster artists were able to use any colour they wanted. Cheret also designed posters himself. They are immediately recognisable as they have that nineteenth century feel - women in brilliant dresses and long gloves. 

Throughout the following centuries, the differing art styles are reflected in posters of the time. Art Nouveau especially made its mark on the canon of posters. 

War brought a whole new side to the poster making world. For the First World War, posters were used to spread political propaganda as well as to encourage people to sign up and join in the war effort. 

On the other side of the World Wars, posters were used for commercial advertisements again. Consumer society well and truly hit the world in the fifties and posters were used to encourage people to buy new products or to show the sort of life people would have if they bought into the products they saw in magazines or on the TV.

Swiss Typographic Style was also developing in the fifties. It offered something quite different to the poster world - designs were made to be as simple as possible so that the message was clear. This meant that decorative elements were taken away. In many cases, shapes and minimalist text were the only important parts of the poster left. 

In the sixties, posters help spread ideas once more, but this time of the psychedelic kind. They helped educate people of alternative ways of being. 

Around the seventies, the introduction of the computer brought about whole new capabilities within the poster making world. Suddenly, designs did not need to be created by hand or by some sort of printing mechanism. Designers had free reign - they could do whatever they wanted! 

Posters have been a part of Scandinavian culture since the fifties when Scandinavian post-war style was developed. As with other Scandi home decor choices, posters allowed people to decorate their homes in a way which was simple, stylish, and not overly expensive. Project Nord posters are created in this very tradition.

Why should you buy Project Nord posters and prints?

Art prints are a wonderful way to decorate your home, we all know this for sure. But, why should you buy from Project Nord when you want your next wall poster?

Project Nord is unique because of our environmental policies. For every wall print you buy from us, we plant a tree in your name. For us, it’s important that we restore the trees within the world. Paper is the material we use for our wall prints after all. 

Planting trees also helps us to compensate for the CO2 that’s released into the atmosphere every day. It’s important we keep the CO2 levels down as it’s a greenhouse gas which is adding to the greenhouse layer. 

As more gases collect here, the sun’s heat has a harder time reflecting out of our atmosphere once it’s shone in. That means that the world is heating up, changing the weather systems and natural habitats. This is not the sort of change we want to see if we want life on earth to stay stable. 

Little acts, such as planting trees, does make a difference to these global systems. It’s important to look out for the environmental policies of the companies you buy from. With Project Nord, you can rest easy knowing that we’re doing our bit. 

Project Nord is also the sort of poster store to offer you high quality posters and prints, and not at a high price. We want your decorative wall art to be affordable, as well as stylish. That’s why we offer cheap art prints which don’t compromise on quality. 

Our Scandinavian designs are also minimalist, making them the perfect fit for people who like to relax in the spaces they call home. Our artists work from around the world to come up with stunning, unique designs, inspired by Scandi principles. 

It’s important to us that people feel really satisfied with the posters they receive from us. That’s why we also use premium quality paper so that the posters will stand the test of time. They are durable and have a lovely finish. 

We also print using the most environmentally-friendly methods in the poster printing industry, ensuring high quality and minimal impact on the planet. That’s the way we do it at Project Nord, and for good reason! 

The designs also cater for all walks of life. We have a great range of kids and nursery posters, for example. They are fun and playful but still keep up that sweet, minimalist aesthetic. They will keep your children and your eyes happy!

Other designs are sophisticated enough to suit any person, whichever walk of life they belong to. All you can do is look for yourself. We promise that you will not be let down by the posters we have here at Project Nord. 

So, have a look through our collection of poster prints, modern posters and artwork. We have a huge range of stunning designs. They are just breath-taking. 

Make your order and put them straight into your home!

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