Typography and Quotes Poster

Change the way you feel in your home with our Typography and Quotes Posters! What’s more inspiring than a motivational message, reminding you to keep doing what you’re doing? The difference with Project Nord posters is that the text is presented in beautiful typography. So, perhaps even the design is inspiring too! In our collection of Typography and Quotes posters, we have a range of designs to suit any logophile! Which words do you want to see written on your wall? You can choose with Project Nord! Whichever size, colour, or style you want, we have it within our collection. Just take a look!


Sometimes, all we need in the morning is a bit of encouragement to seize the day. For example, having our Girl Power Poster framed on your wall is a reminder that yes - you can do it! We can conjure up our feminine energy and go out to get stuff done!

Or, if you need the simple reminder to keep going, our Don’t Quit poster is perfect for you. In a bold, authoritative typeface, this poster has the power to pick you back up! Try it out in your study if you want some encouragement whilst you work. We could all do with a little extra pick me up now and again. 

Other posters work great in living rooms or kitchens, especially our more typographic designs. Sometimes, the subtle motif of words written in beautiful typefaces is the exact right level of detail your room is looking for. 

So, which are our best typography and quotes posters? It depends on what’s to your taste! 

But, don’t worry. We have everything from inspiring quotes to vintage typography designs! Browse our collection and find the next addition to your gallery wall.

Take a look at Project Nord’s collection and change your life today!

Typography posters to inject an element of beautiful graphic design into your home

If you like graphic design, then you’re in the right place. We take typography very seriously here at Project Nord. So, feast your eyes on our stunning, typographic posters. 

We have a whole collection of Swiss Type posters which are perfect wall art for minimalist homes. Swiss Type was developed over the course of the twentieth century. It focused on getting rid of unnecessary details so that only the purest elements of a design was left. 

For example, sans serif typefaces developed out of the Swiss Typographic movement. Serifs are the little tails which ornament typefaces like Times New Roman. Compare that to a typeface like Futura. No frills at all! 

Did you know that Futura was developed by type designer Paul Renner all the way back in 1927? People have loved this sort of design for a long time!

Talking of Swiss Type, are you someone who’s into graphic design? Our Love Poster could be counted as a graphic design typography poster, but it spreads a positive message too! 

The layering effect gives it a retro feel. Do you feel like you’re being transported back to the sixties? We certainly do! 

It’s one of our most cool typography poster designs so check it out for yourself! Who knew you could be so experimental with typographic design? 

This piece is brilliant for bedrooms and living rooms. It warms up a space, making it a lovely, positive place to spend time in. And that’s all thanks to a typographic poster!

If you love monochrome colour schemes, we have a number of black and white typography posters. Sometimes, you just need to let the words shine for themselves. We have a whole collection of black and white posters too - take a look! 

Especially in minimalist environments, simple typography posters are the best. Motivational words are important, so make sure you get your chosen message across! Words mean a lot!

When you delve into the world of typography, you quickly realise that typographic terminology comes from when the printing press had just been invented. ‘Type’ itself used to be the word for movable letters which were arranged to make up words and then print with. 

This is why you still see lots of vintage typography posters, using serif typefaces to mimic those first versions of typography. These can add a great, quirky element to a room. In fact, they go great in spaces that you work in to make it a little more interesting. 

Project Nord has some of the best typography posters on the market! They’re worth having a browse through to see if any of the words make your life make more sense. Now, isn’t that a great payoff! We can’t think of a better one in fact!

So, have you got all the typography posters inspiration that you needed? Have a look through our collection and find your perfect posters and prints now! Typography design posters make the perfect addition to every home! So you should find your perfect poster fit today!

Quotes posters to make you think everyday of the week

Quotation posters are a great way of making your home a more motivating place to be. Just think, imagine if you woke up every morning with a positive quote poster on your wall. Imagine that being the first thing you read every day. That sounds like a better, more fulfilled life to me!

It’s important that we have our sources of inspiration to keep us going. A lot of us rely on sites such as Instagram to provide us with our motivational material. 

But, Instagram is no place to be first thing in the morning. We need to put ourselves first and the best way to do that is by decorating your home with the things that make you content. 

So, what do you believe you need a bit of motivation on? Is there anything you want to remind yourself of each day to make you feel like a stronger person?

If you are a strong woman, making big inroads in your career, why not take a look at our The Future is Female poster? This subtle, minimalist design is understated and cool. It does not have an overly-feminine vibe. It’s just right to show that women are really going for it at the moment. 

Or, if you want something a bit calmer, our Good Vibes poster is sure to mellow out any space. The wavy lines in the background of the poster almost have a hypnotic effect. A serene atmosphere resonates out of the poster. Inspire yourself to chill out!

Our Don’t Just Exist, Live poster has a similar effect. In this world where we are all so busy all the time, it is important to find space to breathe every now and again. The quote posters for our walls don’t just have to be about striving as hard as possible. They can be about living too. 

This minimalist quote poster is a reminder of just that. The black and white design is simple and sleek. So, the fun message contrasts in the perfect way. That monochrome design is playful too!

Amongst our collection are also posters which could provide inspirational quotes for the classroom. It’s never too early to imbue youngsters with a sense that they can achieve anything that they put their mind to!

A design such as our Dare to Dream Big poster can really make an imprint on a child’s brain. That sort of message could stick with someone forever, right the way up to adulthood. So, what are you waiting for? 

The same could be said for our You Don’t Have to be Great to Start, but You Have to Start to be Great design. This sort of fun limerick would work brilliantly in schools. But, the design is sleek enough to make it a great addition to your home too. Perhaps this poster is perfect for family spaces!

Did we motivate you enough to get your hands on one of our motivational quote design posters? We hope so, because this sort of design can really make an impact on your life! 

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