Yellow Posters

Scandinavians are said to be the happiest people on the planet! Despite the moody weather and rainy months, they manage to pursue happiness in their life. And even if you're not Scandi born, you can capture the essence of Scandinavian happiness through bringing a bit of their design into your home. 

So, Project Nord created Yellow Posters collection, for those of you who want to add a bit of colour to your minimalistic home. From today, you can start capturing happy vibes through hand-painted or abstract designs with a splash of the happiest of colours, yellow.

Yellow wall art might not be the most searched item from minimalists, but believe us when we say a little bit of yellow is just what you need in your life! Yellow prints will brighten your home and you don't have to be afraid to combine them with any other poster collection from Project Nord. We craft our collection to work in a perfect symbiosis between each other.

What's more, there's plenty of analogous colours to go with yellow in your interior.  The only thing you have to keep in mind while trying out multicoloured home decor is the colour harmony. Not everything goes with everything, so maybe look up some colour palettes online as an inspiration and carry on from there.

Red, yellow and blue are colours used as a base and inspiration in all forms of art for centuries, so you don't have to be scared of adding a bit of high contrast to your subtle interior design. Yellow aesthetics are eye catching, but don't necessarily have to be excessive. 

Apart from the complementary colours to yellow, you can embrace bold yet minimalist colour combinations through grey and yellow art prints or have a look at colour wheel and add some of the tertiary colours. All shades of yellow will do especially during autumn season, like mustard yellow or amber yellow amongst our favourites.  

Since yellow is definitely a notable colour, yellow movie posters are quite common thing, so if you've been looking for some pop art for you living room, there's an idea. Not for nothing has Tarantino chose yellow as a poster background for one of his most famous movies, Kill Bill. But if you're creating a gallery wall, then you should opt for something more smooth. 

Graphic design posters might be a great way to go, since lines and typography will definitely clean some of the design. Adding black to any poster design will pop the lines and make the art print a central piece of your home. 

Neutral colours are another add on that works amazingly with bright colours like yellow.  You might want to look into the colour theory and balance the happy and joyful feels of yellow with something more calm and delicate.  But you can never miss with Black and White Posters or Minimalist Posters collection.

Yellow aesthetics are taking over the biggest inspirational platforms like Tumblr and Pinterest, and there's an obvious reason behind it. Yellow canvas and prints are amazing to embrace through floral designs, and so styling your Yellow Posters with some flowers will feel uplifting in your interior, and might be the first thing you need to see when you get home after a long day. 

Combining floral decor with Project Nord posters have never been easier, since we even have a perfect guide for you on how to style floral decor in your room. The only thing you need to add on top is a cool natural poster frame from Project Nord and find a perfect spot for your new yellow poster. 

It might be a colour that doesn't fit the middle of your living room, and would break up the serenity of your bedroom, because you won't be able to take your eyes of it. But have you thought about adding any colour to your bathroom? This might be quite cold looking room, so boosting the cold environment with bright colour and adding yellow wall art for your bathroom is definitely a good idea.

Well, there's nothing left for us to say, than get browsing and pick the perfect Yellow Poster from Project Nord's collection for your home. There's no way you won't find a place for a little bit of sunshine in your interior.

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