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    Have you been looking for the perfect way to decorate your kid’s room? Look no further as Project Nord has the perfect collection of Nordic-inspired poster art that appeals to our younger counterparts, whilst also looking minimalist and sleek. 

    No matter what style your child is into, we have the perfect design to liven up their bedroom or nursery.


    33 products

    We have a wide array of posters to not only make a statement within your child’s room but also contribute to their learning and growth. Let’s start by looking at our minimalist fruits collection. These kids posters are great fun for children to have in their space, and thanks to the beautiful minimalist design, they also look great.

    You can even teach your children how to identify and spell each fruit. The bright colours of these posters can be combined to make a beautiful collection in a little child’s room. And, these designs are timeless, not only in terms of design but your child’s life too! They’re not the sorts of design that anyone will be growing out of any time soon.

    For a different style, we have our ‘walking fox’ and ‘white fox’ posters. These cute little creatures are so charming to look at! And, with the pale blue background, the design feels beautifully calm too. 

    If you want to inject a bit of personality into your child’s room, take a look at our crayon series. These designs are fun and brightly-coloured. It’s this sort of poster that might encourage your child to be more creative too. 

    We also have some quote posters for kids, giving them inspirational messages of encouragement. For example, our sweet ‘This Is My Happy Place’ design is a beautiful reminder to children that their bedrooms are the space where they get to have fun! 

    However, if you want to encourage them to wind down in there too, we also have our ‘Good Night Sleep Tight’ design. 

    Whatever you think is best for your child, go for it! Make their bedroom a place they will feel happy and comfortable spending time in.


    Kids and Nursery Posters are motivational for children!

    Are you wondering which posters are best for your child’s room? Look no further as Project Nord has a full collection that is ready to make every child feel happy and at home. 

    Cool and chic posters for kids are hard to come by. It’s difficult knowing which designs will appeal to them not only now but also in a couple of years time.

    That’s why Project Nord posters for kids and the nursery are so versatile. They pair minimalist Scandinavian design with fun graphics. For this reason, they are timeless!

    A lovely way to decorate your children's wall is with motivational posters for kids. These designs feature motivational phrases which your little ones can learn to read with. How lovely would it be if the first words your child reads were ones of affirmation and positivity! 

    These posters also help to surround your children with easy-to-read phrases which helps them stay interested in reading even when you’re not there. It’s fun to pair up words with fun visuals. You could even think of these art prints as growth mindset posters for kids. 

    Our Crayon designs are super fun too! They almost look like blacklight posters for kids, a popular style of poster that features a dark background and neon paint. The colours are eye-catching and stimulating. The fun subject matter makes them the perfect blacklight posters for kids!

    This style of design could even encourage your children to explore their creativity too! You could have a crayon drawing session with them, replicating the design in the poster or even thinking up with your own ideas. A lot of our designs could definitely be considered inspirational posters for kids!

    What other kid’s wall posters do we have in our collection? Have a look at our Colourful Connections Poster!

    This playful abstract design can signify a child’s play in a lovely and minimalist way. Just look at the simplistic yet colourful lines. It’s the sort of design your eyes can get lost in. 

    Each of the colourful lines interact with each other yet add their own specific contribution.  Follow the lines with your eyes and look out for the varying patterns throughout the piece. 

    This type of game is great for a child’s mind and development. It may be a kids room poster, but this sort of design wouldn’t go amiss on a classroom wall as well. Children are learning all the time! And with the help of these posters, they can find another way to keep their minds stimulated. 

    If your children are old enough, why not show them the collection and see what catches their eye! Children can be very intuitive when it comes to the things they want to surround themselves with. At least you know that with these posters, each of them is tasteful and minimalist. 

    Have a look around our collection with your children today! 

    How to include Kids and Nursery Posters in your home

    So, are you now wondering how to actually incorporate kids art posters in your home decor? We have some great ideas for you on how to keep your child’s room playful and trendy.

    First up, consider the colours that are already in your child’s room before you introduce new ones. If you have a neutral colour palette, wall art is a great way to brighten up a room without making the space loud and too difficult to spend much time in. 

    Neutral furniture is also a great idea if you’re thinking of having more children. It’s lovely to be able to pass children’s items down between a family unit or even generations. Making sure things are neutral is a great way to ensure this can happen and with minimal friction!

    Next, consider which pieces will suit the space best. It can be lovely to have one focal point design in a child’s bedroom, particularly if you hang it over the crib or bed. This can help the room feel calming even when things get a bit tense. 

    Throwing a frame around a poster also helps make them feel like something your child will really treasure. A wood mounting looks superb and timeless. It elevates wall posters for kids into real pieces of work! 

    You could also hang your child’s own drawings in between our posters. What better way to prove to your child that they can do anything! Plus, this sort of encouragement might make them want to get the paints out more often. 

    Also, if you’d like to add even more sophistication to your child’s room, take a look at some of the designs from our other collections. A simple line art poster, for example, would look great next to specially-designed artworks for kids. 

    Using art from our other collections also means that pieces don’t have to be passed down to the next child, but can be taken with them! It’s lovely to feel that you own things that you’ve had for a long time and have never grown bored of. These designs will give you that exact feeling!

    If you’re wondering about the quality of our art prints, you should know that we offer nothing but the best. Each of our designs is printed on high-quality paper that is durable enough to withstand grubby fingers. The printing techniques we use also ensure that colours come out at their vibrant best. 

    So, take a look through our collection of Kids and Nursery posters today! There’s sure to be something to inspire and excite one of your little ones.

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