Beige Posters

Beige is a beautiful, neutral colour, making it the perfect tone to decorate your interiors with. Not only does it go with everything, but it is calming to look at as well.

For these reasons and more, we believe that beige posters are the most relaxing ones to include in your home decor. 

Project Nord has a whole range of posters which will fit in your beige aesthetic home. We have everything from rich, earthy tones to lighter, cleaner ones. Which wall art will be the perfect addition to your home? 

Our designs vary from abstract forms to real representations of calm scenes. A big favourite at Project Nord are our Balance and Play Posters, which also work beautifully as a pair. 

Abstract Ballerina
From €16.00
Abstract Figure
From €16.00
Papaya Illustration
From €16.00
Arizona Desert
From €18.00
Good Vibes
From €16.00
Connection - Hand-Painted Earthy Tone Abstract Poster
From €18.00
Pampas in Vase
From €16.00
Grey Circles - Poster
Grey Circles
From €16.00
ENSO - Hand Painted Circle Poster
From €16.00
Figure Eight - Poster
Figure Eight
From €16.00
Pampas Grass
From €16.00
Golden Pampas
From €16.00
Little Home Garden
From €16.00

These two posters use beige as their background colour and build richer, earthier tones on top. They also feature a white border around the subject of the piece to give the eyes places to rest. The brushstroke texture of the red-toned sections also sit with the neutral tones in a lovely way. 

These designs also use black as a contrast colour for the lines in the piece. Therefore, they would work brilliantly if you have any black furniture in your home. As the detail is only small, this would tie a space together with just the right about of subtlety. 

Other posters in our beige collection include our wonderful hand-painted series. These art prints feature neutral-toned shapes which fit together with white space around each section. They are simple, but lovely. 

The texture of the canvas they were painted on also shows on the posters. It is a lovely reminder that posters are a true piece of creativity on their own. 

So, browse our collection of beige posters for the perfect, calming addition to your home. 

Why buy Beige Posters from Project Nord?

You may be wondering why we think our beige posters are so special. I’m here to tell you!

If you buy posters from Project Nord, we can guarantee that you will receive beautiful, Scandinavian-inspired designs that will change the way your home feels. There are also designs to suit everybody’s tastes as we have such a wide variety of pieces.

Just have a look at our Papaya Illustration Poster. This is a lovely example of a quirky illustration which adds some personality into any space. It’s modern, youthful, and unique. Try it in your bedroom or dressing room to make the space feel a bit more you. 

Also in our beige collection is our Family Poster for more minimalist homes. This design strips everything back to a stunning minimal design. What do you think the piece is of? 

Maybe it’s a doormat, put in the passageway into a family home. Or perhaps it represents a tree, it’s roots creating connections through the soil. You can truly get lost in this design!

The service we offer is also of the highest quality. We print our posters on premium quality paper, the sort which stays looking fresh and vibrant so you can treasure our posters forever. We also make sure you have high quality poster printing, the highest in the industry in fact! 

Our printing methods are also the most environmentally-friendly techniques used in the poster industry. There are so many reasons why our designs work!

At Project Nord, posters have free shipping too! That means that wherever you are in the world, you will not have to pay any extra to incorporate the Scandi feel in your home. Now, that’s the poster delivery that we all want, it couldn’t be easier.

So, whether you want smaller designs for a gallery wall or large format, breath-taking prints as focal points, Project Nord is your place! Put your print order in today for the best quality beige posters!

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