Architecture Posters

Since Scandinavia is famous for its marvellous design and especially when it comes to its specific minimalistic modern architecture, you're very likely to come across architecture posters at some point during your minimalist interior search. 

So it comes as no surprise that Project Nord has curated a perfect collection of Architecture Posters to complete your minimalist Scandi interior. Architecture posters design is commonly known to be the most intriguing kind of prints you can decorate your home with, because it gives it that another kind of perspective and edge. 

If you've been dreaming of a place, but you're yet not there to afford it or you don't really want to leave the well known, Architecture Posters are preferably for you. Then just as well, if you're an admirer of modern architecture, and you desperately want to look at architectural design all day long, you're on the right page. 

Great thing about Architecture Posters is that of course they can fit into both minimalistic theme of your home, or into a bit more extravagant one as well. So you can be both simple and creative with it, there's no limit. Poster design is one area where you can explore the creative boundaries of your interior design. 

If you live surrounded by nature, well, you obviously won. But sometimes, there are moments when we need that bit of urban vibe in our lives. And that's when a slightly different landscape, even if only as a wall art in your living room, can do us good. 

Search for the right Architecture Poster to go with your home decor can get tricky though. So from time to time, you might want to reach out to platforms like Pinterest or Instagram for an inspiration on how to style your home decor with a poster design. In other cases, you might turn to an expert, and we are humbly here to offer our advice on how to style a poster in your room. 

But if you're not up for a long read, you just want to know how to achieve the perfect Scandinavian interior and you want to know now, then keep on reading. Because we are about to reveal some secrets on how to style Architecture Posters and what to style it with. 

How to style Architecture Posters?

First things first, you should have a moment to consider what kind of architectural print would go for your home interior the best. Are you living in a rural area and you're whole day surrounded by colourful landscape? Then minimalistic design might come as a new source of inspiration for you to look at. 

And if you, on the contrary, live in urban city and grey buildings are the only thing you are looking at throughout the day, then maybe opting for a colourful and more fun design might be a nice change. 

Next step is definitely deciding on a room. Which space inside your home needs a bit of touch up and transformation? Or better put, which room is lacking some sort of inspiring art print on your wall, that would definitely boost both your productivity and mood? 

Modern architecture, definitely the Scandinavian one, is specific not only for being minimalistic through and through, but also for unusual shapes and lines that will, once transformed into wall art, add another dimension to your room and you can even make it a centerpiece of your living space.

Speaking of centerpiece, that's a road you want to take in case you've decided that your living room or bedroom will be only blessed with this one piece and nothing else. In that case, you should go for one kind of exceptional. Either exceptionally minimalistic, or exceptionally colourful and rich in shape. 

But in case you already know that you will keep on adding more and more art prints into your gallery wall, you probably want to go for something versatile. In that case, favor an illustration posters compare to lifelike or photography options. There's something soothing and calming about graphic design posters, they have power to set the mood and clean the space visually. 

Architecture Posters ideas are countless, so make sure you explore before you purchase, just to make sure you'll satisfy the artist in you and don't regret anything later. 

It's perfect to hang these posters, because it is an outstanding piece of art of an another form of art. So it definitely deserve a special place in your interior. But if you live within all these rules of not damaging a wall in your apartment, that's okay too. Project Nord has some tips and tricks for your to work out this challenge as well. 

Now, let's have a look at what are your options while adding more art prints next to your Architecture Posters. You should settle on a style from the very beginning. We're not saying it's impossible to change in the process, it's just much easier to go for one kind of design rather than mixing up the styles and end up with a messy gallery wall above your head. 

If you're bringing a bit more of an urban vibe inside your home, it's a good idea to balance things out with one of Project Nord's Botanical and Nature Posters. It will add a bit of colour to the overall layout of your wall and as long as you harmonize colours in a suiting way , you don't have to worry about breaking up the minimalist style of your home decor. 

Another great choice that will not make the whole look heavy on the eye is choosing from our Typography and Quotes Posters collection, to make things more interesting and engaging. And if you really want to keep things minimalistic, you can always choose from Minimalist Posters collection and just get that exact Scandinavian vibe hanging right next to, well, Scandinavian design. 

Where to look for Architecture Poster inspiration?

While both Pinterest and Instagram are great places to search for inspiration, mainly when it comes to design and architecture, you might want to have a look at different sites or even go directly for a great artists to get a glimpse of what's new and what's the best choice. 

What may be quite handy and come as a great source of inspiration are TV series following the best of architecture world. One of these is definitely BBC's The World's Most Extraordinary Homes, following the most exquisite buildings from around the world. 

You don't necessarily have to search precisely for poster inspiration. It's good stepping stone to start with architecture in general, just to sort out what is your preferred style and if you like more clean lines or extravagant structures. 

Architecture Posters are absolutely amazing for your home if you're an admirer of fine art and creative design. It's an ultimate way to make a statement with your interior design, add something eye catching into your living spaces. In case you have very constant daily schedule, it's that one dynamic element you can find a relief in. 

It definitely works on your imagination. Hanging up a poster of your dream house will enrich your motivation and creativity. Once you decided on a perfect Architecture Poster for home, it's time to start browsing the Project Nord collection and choose the ultimate piece to brighten up your living room. Or bedroom, Architecture posters have another great advantage. They work like charm for any room of your home. 

Modern architecture, once merged with quality poster design and creative layout, can create amazing wall art and completely change the look of a room, without disrupting the flow of things. And remember, with every poster you purchase from Project Nord, you're planting one tree! So even though you're going for Architecture Posters, you are not adding to the load of concrete we put on urban spaces.

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