Welcome to project nord

Project Nord is the No. 1 destination for effortlessly stylish Nordic art prints and home decor. Combining the perfect blend of Scandinavian heritage and a modern aesthetic, together we can make your home cosy and sustainable.

Let us bring a touch of Scandinavia to your home!

Our Story

Founded in Copenhagen with a clear vision, Project Nord aims to achieve one thing - to enrich people’s lives with effortlessly stylish home decor. Our main aim is to have an impact upon both people, and the planet. Wondering how?

We believe that small, smart changes, like our posters can create a stylish, cosy home with a feeling of hygge. These can have a huge effect upon your happiness, productivity, and inner peace. As well as creating products that bring happiness, we want to make sure we have a positive impact on the environment. That is why we plant a tree after each poster sold.

The “Nord” in our name reflects our DNA: we’re inspired by Nordic design and live by Nordic values.

Our Products

Our Nordic inspired posters are created by our artists from all around the world. We care about the form and function of our posters. They are beautiful to look at, but also serve a purpose: transform the spaces they’re displayed in. We create most of our prints in the name of Scandinavian minimalism and believe, that less is really more!

Our minimalistic mindset is also reflected in the way we use our resources. To be mindful of our effect on the planet, we plant a tree for every poster you buy from us. Take a look at our sustainability page to find out more about this amazing project!

We believe that the future is Nordic. Let’s start from within our homes!