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    If you're going for the perfect minimalist interior, then you're on the right page. What goes better with minimalist Scandi interiors than Project Nord’s Black and White Posters collection?

    These are the perfect artworks to nail the simplistic and modern vibe that is key in Scandi design. Let's have a look at your options for a Black and White poster and how to style these in your home.

    88 products

    Looking for a way to style a Black and White poster in your home to nail that Scandi vibe within your home? Then keep on reading to discover our tips and tricks to transform your home with wall art.

    How to style Black and White Posters

    This may at first seem like an easy task however can become quite daunting quickly. Luckily for you we’ve listed some of our best tips and tricks for styling monochrome prints so you can get the most out of your home decor. 

    When combining black and white, one popular form that captures this perfectly are Photography Posters.  Luckily for you, we have a whole collection of these beautiful designs and all of them are perfect for your minimalist home. 

    Otherwise, an inspirational quote would do great in your kitchen or bathroom. These are both traditionally difficult spaces to decorate however an inspirational quote on your wall is an easy fix. On the contrary, vintage black and white posters will do great in your living room. Best of all, these posters come in all sizes and look wonderful in larger styles as they aren’t too heavy on the eye. Perfect as a centrepiece for your living area! 

    Large Black and White posters will also fit perfectly in your bedroom. High-quality interior design should be on your mind at all times when refurbishing your home. When it comes to spaces in the house where you spend most of your time, you really do have to go that extra mile to make sure everything feels natural. 

    By combining these powerful yet subtle colours, it’s easy to create an environment of serenity and peace within your living spaces. One thing that will contribute to this calm feeling is by adding a wood mounting to your poster. This will combine the classic structured tones of your Black and White poster alongside natural elements that truly define Nordic interior designs.

    Black and white posters are a perfect home decor piece if you feel something is missing in your living spaces yet don't want to make drastic changes around your house. If you've been looking for an exquisite home decor piece for your kitchen but don't want to experiment with loud designs, the black and white colour combination is an excellent choice for you. 

    So now you know how to style and place your next Black and White poster to really achieve that interior design look found in Scandinavia, nothing is stopping you from getting one of these posters from our collection. But if you still need that extra push, keep on reading.

    The Foundation of Art Begins with the Black and White Colour Combination

    Scandinavians didn't just wake up one day and decide that Black and White would be their favourite colour combination. There are a myriad of reasons as to why this particular combination is so popular in the Nordics. One major reason is, of course, the versatility and ease of combining the two: the combination is effortlessly classy and never goes out of style.  

    However, if you're looking to combine multiple collections (which we totally approve of), you might want to take a look at some of our other colour collections. Creating a sophisticated design in your home’s living areas is the key to a harmonised interior and this can definitely be achieved through the use of black and white alongside another colour or two. 

    Worried that adding colour will overpower your minimalist styling? Fear not! Adding a bit of colour will definitely not destroy your efforts. On the contrary, why not try combining our black and white posters with a pop of red to really add a bit of fun to your walls. By doing so, you’re definitely not breaking any minimalist rules!

    If you are not feeling bright colours, why not try pastels. These colours have become crucial to minimalist design due to their muted pops of colour and combined with Black and White is the perfect colour palette for any interior. Try using a light purple or pink set against black and white to bring colour into your home, but in a subtle way.

    The History of Minimalism and Monochrome in Art

    Historically, artists used to utilise as much colour within their work as possible, however, the 20th century brought with it the Minimalist Movement: a style of design that is still being embraced to this day. In our fast-paced world, embracing such a simplistic yet refined colour combination can really be the remedy that allows us to flush out all the external noise and feel at ease within our home surroundings.

    Within the film world, black and white movies are seen as a great artistic approach that mirrors the films from Hollywood’s Golden Age, allowing a filmmaker to really play with light and colour. Black and white photography is also receiving a resurgence as this particular form of art captures the true essence of a subject. And in Scandinavia, black and white design is crucial to the Nordic dress sense: you will find people wearing the outfit combination at all times of the year. 

    And for good reason. The combination is timeless! You'll never have to be worried about doing too much or too little with black and white. This combination is really Goldilocks of design, it is just right. 

    This collection of Black and White posters has been carefully curated for the lovers of fine art, timeless designs and every new or loyal minimalist out there. The only thing you have to do now is to start scrolling and pick your favourite Project Nord poster to fill in the missing piece in your perfect Scandinavian home.

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