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    It’s pretty clear that one core characteristic of Project Nord is minimalism. We're huge fans of clean and uncluttered designs that can be a brilliant addition to any Scandinavian-style home. Minimalism has something to offer for everyone. For example, these peaceful pieces of art can really help you relax after a long and busy day. 

    In our minimalist posters collection, you can choose from a variety of designs including minimalist graphic design as well as modern art posters. We are always working on expanding our collections, so you can look forward to more minimalist and Scandinavian designs being updated on a regular basis.

    133 products

    Our Minimalist Posters collection is full of designs that will add a sense of calm serenity to your living spaces. You can choose from simple prints, minimalist marble designs or art prints by a variety of your favourite designers who can convey any message into the most beautiful minimalist art print.

    And if you're currently in the process of making a wall art gallery, you should definitely complement a Minimalist poster with something a bit different. Choose from one of our other collections of posters which will go perfectly with any minimalist poster, like Black & White Posters or Botanical & Nature Posters. 

    If you're still unsure whether the Minimalist Posters collection is the perfect fit for you and your interior, you should definitely give our Journal a read. Here, you can find plenty of helpful articles on our favourite Scandi topics including minimalism, and how to style a poster. 

    So without further ado, get browsing through our Minimalist Posters collection full of modern minimalist art and high-quality posters! Or if you want to find out how to style your poster, please feel free to keep reading. 

    How to Style a Minimalist Poster in your Interior

    When it comes to minimalism, a lot of people may think it's pretty easy to create a perfect minimalist interior. However, to truly understand the rules permitted within the movement, look to the Scandinavians for inspiration. 

    They have become pros at showcasing minimalist art, especially as a focal point within their homes. This may be due to the limited sunlight in the wintertime, and therefore emphasising and capturing the limited light and space has become integral to the Scandinavian identity. 

    So styling a minimalist artwork might be a tad bit more complicated than you originally thought. But no worries, Project Nord's team is here to help you choose the perfect poster and spot in your home for your new minimalist art print.  

    First things first, you can't aim for a minimalist interior if you've been avoiding minimalist living! You really need to embrace it! So the first step towards a minimalist home is to declutter your space and get rid of anything that might clutter or make your space too busy.  Throwing things out however is not a very sustainable action.

    Instead try to donate your old items, reselling what you don't use anymore, or upcycle and reuse objects in a way that compliments your minimalist lifestyle.

    Sustainability is not just a ‘nice habit’ anymore. It's a crucial part of our lifestyle if we want to help our environment regenerate and bloom once more. Human activities are well-known for its devastating effects on nature. To counteract this and play your part in making our world a better place for us and future generations, mastering the principles of sustainability and minimalism are key. 

    Here at Project Nord, sustainability is our core value. In fact, with every poster purchased, we plant one tree through our collaboration with Tree Nation. So not only will you be embracing a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle by purchasing one of our posters, but you will also be contributing to the regeneration of forest areas all around the world!

    Once the minimalist mindset is part of your lifestyle, you can really embrace the key aspects of Scandinavian design by focusing on minimal yet striking pieces. One perfect way is to incorporate a Minimalist poster into your space. 

    Choosing from a huge variety of posters can be overwhelming, we know. But don't despair, we're going to make sure you find your perfect art piece.

    Look around your home and decide which room needs that extra touch with an original art piece. As minimalism focuses on clean and decluttered spaces, you can opt for really any room in your home. Minimalist wall art will look great anywhere! 

    Project Nord has posters for all types of interiors and backgrounds so if you’re planning to decorate your bathroom or even cellar, there will be no issues. Every room deserves to be special.

    Once you've decided on the room, choose that one wall that feels like it's missing something. Remember all that we taught you so far. Lighting and materials in the room are essential for achieving the perfect Scandi interior so you want to keep that in mind when choosing your poster.

    Your wall space doesn't have to be a blank space with limited decor, you can easily complement that wooden antique dresser or cosy chair standing alone in the corner. Posters are such a versatile art print you can literally place them anywhere. Provided you purchase the right one to compliment your overall interior, everything will match perfectly.

    Complimenting your wall art with a frame can really make your poster pop. Utilising a black or white frame will not only perfectly encapsulate your piece, but it will also contribute to the clean lines and decluttered styling that is integral to minimalism. 

    Now that you've chosen the spot for your new Minimalist Poster, it's about time to get browsing through Project Nord's webshop and find your perfect match!


    Does colour still make a poster Minimalist? 


    Now here is a tricky question. How many colours can you add to a poster but still embrace minimalism? Well, the answer might come as a surprise to you.

    Yayoi Kusama is a famous Japanese artist with works gracing art galleries all around the world. Yayoi started painting as a 10-year-old, and even at such a young age, had already developed her iconic artistic style with dots as her signature style. If you haven't yet visited any of her exhibitions, find one closest to you as you do not want to miss out on experiencing her iconic artistry. 

    Many people would consider her to be anything but minimalist. However, this is exactly the movement she considers herself a member of. Critics have also taken note of this. So, minimalism doesn't mean just black and white strokes or pale colours and simple shapes. It's about embracing an art form and making it your own. While Kusama adds a significant amount of colour to her work, her art is still considered minimalistic due to the simplicity and structure.

    So if you're considering buying a colourful poster but you're afraid that it might ruin your perfect minimalist Scandi decor, don't worry. The colour won’t ruin it and is no problem when creating a minimalistic aesthetic within your home.

    When incorporating colour into your minimalist interior, you just have to remember a bit of colour theory. If you're not familiar with any science behind colours, just search for the colour wheel and then go for complementary colours in your interior. 

    If you choose complementary colours, you will not mess up your minimalist decor by creating busy spaces. Opting for neutral tones and pastel shades is one example. Or you can just choose one colour. Be careful though if you opt for one colour but use a variety of its hues as this can clutter your space. 

    Browse through our collection of high-quality and eye-catching wall art to transform your home interior into a minimalistic paradise. If you're an admirer of all things Scandinavian, you will definitely love this collection and there are a variety of prints for you to choose from.

    You’re on the right path towards creating the perfect Scandi minimalist interior within your home. Project Nord’s Minimalist Posters collection can help you achieve that perfect minimalist style.


    → How big is a minimalist poster?

    Minimalist posters come in many different sizes. The word minimalist refers to the type of artwork and not the size of the poster.

    → What colors are minimalist posters?

    The most common colors for posters in the minimalist style are black and white, but we have posters in many other colors.

    → Which are the most popular minimalist posters?

    Our most popular minimalist designs are "The Female Body" and our series of Yoga posters.

    → Where does the minimalist style come from?

    The artform af minimalisme is most commonly connected to Scandinavia but it has spread to many other countries.

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