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    The Christmas holiday is all about love and happiness

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The loveliest time of the year is here and the excitement is making our hearts rush a tiny bit faster, our smiles are wider and love is all around us. It is the family time when you cosy up on a couch to watch the list of your favourite Christmas movies.

    The family’s Christmas cookie recipe works perfectly every year; Christmas cookies are ready and still farm out of the oven. Even though the winter is the cold season, the warmth from your family and friends makes you forget that the white, beautiful snow on the ground is actually freezing cold.

    Winter holiday season is the time of being together. It is the time to send out Christmas cards to the friends and family that live further away so that they can touch a piece of love that you sent to them with their own hands. Do you remember how you felt the last time you received a card in the mail? The feeling is like no other.

    The Halloween posters are long gone in the attic and Christmas decorations, posters and lights are shining in all their glory. We at Project Nord enjoy the Christmas holiday season with our hearts full of love. That is why we want to share our happiness with you by creating a Christmas poster collection. You will see how such an easy interior addition can bring the Christmas mood to your home!

    Even though a Christmas tree poster with lights is not able to replace the real Christmas tree, it can help you bring the feeling of the holiday right in your living room! By the way, a suggestion from us – in case if your home does not allow you to bring a real Christmas tree home, you can put up a life-size Christmas tree poster and put the gifts right by it.

    Bring Christmas home by decorating!

    The first decoration that comes to mind when thinking about Christmas is most likely a Christmas tree. Here goes the adventure to the Christmas tree shop or to the forest, where you can choose your own and bring it home. Because the tree itself is not Christmassy enough, people put up Christmas lights on their trees, as well as a bunch of other decorations to dress up their Christmas tree.

    Using the green leaves of an evergreen tree to decorate homes during wintertime started as a Pagan tradition, designed as a symbol of life amid the dark, cold winter nights.

    At times it feels like winter as a season is taking care of decorations naturally. How wonderful are the forests that are covered with a layer of snow? The heavy piles of snowflakes weight down the branches of trees and make an impression of a fairy tale.

    If you are still considering what decorations to put up during Christmas time, here are a few suggestions from us at Project Nord. We have been practising the interior decoration for a while now and we would love to share what we have come up with! We do specialise in poster styling, so here are some tips from Project Nord.

    When your Christmas tree is decorated, it is time to add some creative designing. Here are some Christmas poster ideas and suggestions on what to do with them! A unique yet fabulous location to put a Christmas décor is your entrance door! Even though it might be a good idea to hang the artwork indoors, Christmas posters for doors can also be framed and put outside. That way the snow and wind do not harm your decoration!

    Another way to style a Christmas poster art is to use it as a Christmas vacation poster above bed. Your room deserves to have the holiday spirit as well, not only the living room! Christmas poster prints go above and beyond in their design, so you will find some that fit into your bedroom for sure.

    If you are out of Christmas poster ideas, check out Project Nord website. You will find wonderful pieces of art there. For example, check out this minimalist Christmas tree poster! There is also plenty of other Christmas poster images on our website.

    A Christmas poster board is a do-it-yourself alternative. Ask your family what are their Christmas poster board ideas and create artwork together with your family! This will open up creativity in the children, as well as grandparents. Because Christmas is about family time spent together, it will also serve as a gift from your family to your family. We suggest you find a Christmas tree poster template or Christmas poster template for this activity.

    Santa Claus is a big part of Christmas in the 21st century. Santa Claus poster template will also work perfectly with getting your family creative and working together. Come up with your own Santa Claus poster design and enjoy the beauty of Santa Claus poster this Christmas!

    Christmas activities await for you!

    The beauty of choir singing Christmas songs on Christmas Eve is a wonderful performance to enjoy every year. Their concert also deserves a Christmas poster in the background! The carol singing will get even closer to the hearts of listeners when the hall is decorated.

    Because Christmas shopping can leave a dent in your wallet, keep your eyes out on Christmas posters for sale! By the way, you can subscribe to Project Nord newspaper at the very bottom of the page, and we will let you know when the best deals on posters are coming!

    In regards to gift-giving, remember that poster is also a great gift. It does not necessarily have to be a Christmas poster that you hand someone over the holidays. There are plenty of posters to choose from on Project Nord website. They will look perfect on the walls of your home at any time of the year. They say that art is timeless and we agree with that!

    Winter holidays are also a great time to celebrate all the last years’ achievements. Remember that Christmas time is also only a few days before the New Years! Celebrate the holiday with your sweet colleagues. To announce it, remember to put a Christmas party poster in the office, so everyone can get excited!

    A Christmas tree poster board can be put in use during that office Christmas party. Let every one of your colleagues put their wishes and goals for the next year and then use it as décor in the office. Every person who participates will find it more meaningful and it will work as a motivational poster to reach for their dreams and achieve their goals!

    The best thing about Christmas decors – there are no limits. There is never too much decoration for Christmas celebration. You can find yourself a poster of the perfect Christmas day or Christmas carol poster. Open your creativity and make the holiday a fun experience for you and the people around you.

    Let us all keep in mind that Christmas is not about the most expensive gift or time off work. The time is dedicated to your family and loved ones. It is time to slow down, stop the rush and breathe. To take the long walks or go and have fun skiing in the mountains. By the way, kids always have and always will love sledge riding in the winter. It is so much fun!

    Sit back with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand. Talk to your family and friends and ask how they are doing. Light some candles in your home and put a jazzy Christmas music in the background. Bake gingerbread cookies and share with your neighbours. Call the people who you have not talked to in a while and wish them a lovely holiday. Tell them how much you love them.

    This time of the year is full of love and it almost feels like magic. In your heart, you still believe in the Christmas miracle. Santa Claus is coming to town…

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