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    We know that styling bright colours can be a hard task, especially in Scandinavian interiors, but with Project Nord, we can help you! Take a look at our Red Posters collection to see how can you style this bold colour in a more subtle way. 

    Red art prints tend to be more associated with movie posters or pop art, which may not necessarily fit your taste. However, embracing red can really brighten up your home or add that one splash of colour to a monochromatic room. Our collection can help inspire you to take that next step to incorporate colour on your walls. 

    So, how can you implement this aesthetic into your interior design without ruining your pre-existing aesthetic? Art, by nature, is individual, and therefore we won't stop you from embracing red design in any way you wish. However, as proper minimalists, we prefer mixing red with graphic design posters to create the perfect addition to any wall design. 

    Red is especially recommended if you love fine art and have been purchased wall art from one of our other collections like Line Art Posters or Black and White Posters. Red is the perfect colour to finalise your gallery wall, especially if you're going for a pop of colour in your minimalistic interior. 

    Red posters are both bright and beautiful

    If you wear red a lot, you may already not that a great addition to this colour is gold. It gives the whole look a feeling of luxury and richness. Bright colours also have the potential to bring art and design together at the highest level. 

    Red, being the colour of passion, fire and perception, is traditionally seen as a colour used only in older works of art, especially since the beginning of the minimalist era of design.

    But we couldn't disagree more. If you take a look at prominent red poster designs for famous movies such as Ocean's Eight or Jackie, red is not only about being eye-catching or extravagant. It's a colour of empowerment and strength! So, you can easily put a red poster up on your wall without ruining your minimalist interior. 

    In our Red Posters collection, we have included floral patterns that are perfect for your living room or hallway, especially if both areas have been missing that final design touch. Quote designs, on the other hand, are perfect for spaces like your bedroom or home office. 

    If you're looking for some Scandi materials that won't be too much to add to your home, give our article on the materials Scandinavians love a read. Red is definitely a great colour for moody autumn weather, so don't be afraid to change your home decor with a season. 

    Leather or wood might be obvious choices when it comes to completing your living room red-themed design, but you don't want to overdo it.  So try out some other natural materials loved in the Nordics, like soft woollen fabrics or stoneware furniture.

    And as incorporating Red Posters into your home decor can be a big and bold step, you want to keep things simple. Being a conscious consumer will come into play here. Choose simple and natural materials to create a warm environment that is definitely in the line with the Danish hygge lifestyle. 

    One final thought: embrace shades of red for your home as they might be that one thing to brighten your day on a rainy morning. Our Red Posters collection is a perfect way to add some eye-catching pieces to your minimalist home.

    We're not saying you should abandon all your minimalist principles and add only bright colours to your life from now on. Black and white are also colours, but a bit of colour never killed anybody, even the biggest minimalists amongst us. At the end of the day, being a minimalist is not about avoiding colourful things in your life. It's about loving fine art and design, and knowing how to incorporate them into your home.

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