Red Posters

We know that styling bright colours is a hard task in Scandinavian interiors, but with Project Nord, nothing is impossible. Let's have a look at our Red Posters collection and how can you style this blazing colour in a subtle way. 

Red art prints are quite commonly connected to movie posters, oriental art or very trendy posters, which may not necessarily fit into your taste. And that's okay. Creating gallery wall using red colour is certainly not what we had in mind when we've been putting together this collection.

So how can you implement this aesthetic into your interior design without ruining anything. The nature of art is totally individual, therefore we won't stop you from going for all red design. However, as proper minimalists, we prefer mixing red colour with graphic design posters, that will be a great addition to any colourful wall design. 

Happy Place
From €16.00
Love Revolution
From €16.00
Don't Quit! Do It!
From €16.00
Crayon Moon
From €16.00
Good Vibes
From €16.00
Poppy Flower
From €16.00
LOVE You - Poster
From €16.00
Love, Peace, Hope - Poster
Love, Peace, Hope
From €16.00

Especially if you like fine art and have been putting up wall art from one of our other collections like Line Art Posters or Black and White Posters collections. Red is the colour that will perfectly finish up with your gallery wall in case you're going for a pop of colour into your minimalistic interior. 

Red posters are bright and beautiful

Wearing red you might find that a fitting addition to this colour is usually gold. It gives the whole look a feeling of luxury and richness. Bright colours have a potential to bring art and design together on the highest level. But in case you're not a big fan of standing out of the crowd, there are different ways of completing your living room than buying golden door knobs. 

Red, being the colour of sense and perception, is many times only looked at as a colour used on old works of art and the one that should have been forgotten in eighteenth century and never brought back to life, especially in the era of minimalist movement. 

But we couldn't disagree more. If you take a look at red poster design for some of the famous movies like Ocean's Eight or Jackie, red is not only about being extravagant. It's a colour of empowerment and strength. So, as much as you don't have to be afraid to refresh your minimalist outfit with some red and precious metals, you can easily put red poster up on your wall and don't ruin your minimalist interior. 

In our Red Posters collection we included floral patterns, which are perfect for your living room as well as to brighten up your hallway, that might have been missing a final touch up until now. Quote designs are perfect for spaces like bedroom or home office. 

If you're looking for some Scandi materials that won't be too much to add into your home while there's a blazing work of art hanging on your wall, give a read to our article on what materials Scandinavians love in their interiors. Red is definitely a great colour for moody autumn weather, so don't be afraid to change your home decor with a season. 

Leather or wood might be obvious choices when it comes to completing your living room red-ish design, but you don't want to overdo it.  So try out some other natural materials that Nordic nations love so much, like soft woolen fabrics or stoneware furniture.

And since adding Red Posters to your home decor is a big step that will definitely don't go unnoticed, you want to keep things simple. Being a conscious consumer will pay out this time for sure. Reconsider that vase in bright colour that was too expensive anyway, and two more candles, that will reflect the colours of your posters and create nice warm environment that is definitely in the line with hygge lifestyle. 

Embrace shades of red for your home because they might be the next thing that will brighten your day on a rainy morning. Red Posters collection is a perfect way to add some eye catching pieces into your minimalist home and think outside the box. 

We're not saying you should abandon all you minimalist principles and add only bright colours to your life from now on. Black and white are also colours, but a bit of colour never killed anybody, even the biggest minimalist amongst us. At the end of the day, being a minimalist is not about avoiding colourful things in your life. It's about loving fine art and knowing how to do a lot from a little.

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