Botanical and Nature Posters

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    If you love the outdoors, take a look at our nature and botanical posters! They’re perfect for those of us who feel a deep sense of peace and connection to Mother Earth. 

    Have you ever felt inspired by the sunrise? Do you love planting your feet in the grass and finding yourself balanced and grounded? You can bring these calm feelings indoors and get inspired by our botanical and nature-themed posters.

    102 products

    It’s lovely to get the perfect balance of nature and comfort in your home. Introducing art to your walls is the best place to start! What’s more, bringing nature inside is the key to Scandinavian design. So, as Project Nord is a Danish company specialising in this exact style of design, you have come to the right place.

    First up, take a look at our lovely posters of natural scenes. We have everything from rolling beaches to abstract representations of the sunrise. No matter where you feel happiest, we have it for you in poster form. 

    And, if you love cooking, why not introduce some botanical designs into your kitchen? We have several great posters of natural foods like lemons, artichokes, and figs. These designs add a chic edge to any cooking space. Plus, what’s more mouth-watering than looking at pictures of food?

    We also have more subtle art pieces if that's your thing. Just take a look at our simple line art flower designs, for example. They work brilliantly in any room in your home and are completely timeless! 

    If you’re looking for something more abstract, we have you covered too! Natural forms really suit abstract design. A flower, leaf, or natural scene is the perfect base on which to build a stunning art piece. Our designs demonstrate this point perfectly. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Check out our collection of nature and botanical posters to find your perfect print!

    Botanical and Nature Posters are perfect for every home!

    Let’s dive into exactly what’s so special about our collection of nature posters. 

    Firstly, they make our interiors a calming place to spend your time. Imagine yourself relaxing after a hard day with a scenic poster of nature in front of you. It’s almost as good as the real thing! Whether it be a sunrise poster or nature photography, absorbing aspects of the natural world after a busy day is good for you!

    When it comes to size, large posters of nature look best. There’s no point trying to condense the whole of Mother Earth into something small. As our posters are of such high quality, they really do size up and make an impact! 

    If you want to make your interior feel really natural, think about using a wood mount. Framing your prints with natural materials really makes them stand out, especially large nature and botanical themed posters. 

    Plus, this is exactly what Scandinavians do to bring the outdoors inside. You could even make a custom frame, using a type of wood that sets off the colours in the poster design perfectly. There is a lot of space to be creative here! If you like to have a natural decorating style, these posters are for you. 

    Another natural decorating style that would go brilliantly with these posters is the use of floral prints in your home decor. This ties into poster design perfectly. You could also bring in other natural materials such as leather or sheep wool. Again, these are all aspects of traditional Scandinavian homes. 

    If colour isn’t so much your thing but you still want pieces inspired by natural forms, take a look at our line art designs. These black and white nature posters combine the beautiful shapes found in flowers with sleek colour schemes. These posters are brilliant as they work well in any room of the house, especially living rooms and bedrooms. 

    Project Nord has hand-painted nature posters for sale. For example, our Hand-Painted Figs Poster has a beautiful wash of real colour running over it. Just look at the mix of ruby red and deep purple!

    Other posters by the same artist include designs of Papayas, Lemons, Artichokes, and Pomegranates. So, whichever design you feel fits your interior best, we have it! Within these designs, there’s also a range of colours. Match them up with your home as you see fit. 

    We also have a collection of pampas nature art posters. Did you know that pampas is a type of grass that originates in southern South America? They can reach a height of three meters tall! Luckily, you don’t have to have double-height ceilings to incorporate them in your interior with our posters! 

    Whatever catches your imagination, make it a part of your interior today.

    Botanical and Nature Posters can save the world!

    Wondering how buying a botanical or nature poster for your wall can also help save the environment?

    Project Nord has teamed up with Tree Nation to help reforest the world! So, that means every time you buy one of our posters, a tree will be planted in your name. 

    Trees are beneficial for the environment as they counter our CO2 emissions. They do this by absorbing carbon dioxide which they store in their trunks and releasing oxygen. 

    But, let’s not just think of trees as something only beneficial to humans. They also help the world exist as it has for millions of years! Let’s keep it that way. 

    What’s more, trees provide a habitat for eight out of ten land animals. This is an incredible amount! Although we rely on trees only for certain aspects of our lives, some trees are literally an animal’s whole life. 

    Buying a Project Nord poster means that you will be giving back to the environment in all of these ways! As you’ll be helping to save the planet, it makes a lot of sense that your poster would be of Mother Nature! We have loads of inspirational nature posters to choose between.

    For example, we have a whole collection that features abstract representations of our oceans. These pieces make for beautiful wall decorations, but also remind us of the power and beauty of the sea. Perhaps, if we all appreciated the ocean’s natural beauty more, we would make a better effort to keep it as it is!

    We also have a collection of minimalist kids posters focusing on the natural beauty of the polar regions and animals. They are sweet, simple designs of the natural landscape covered in snow. But of course, we all know how much our ice caps are melting. Whilst these home decorations are beautiful, they also act as a reminder of what’s important. 

    Our black and white, Danish nature wall posters also show how beautiful landscapes can be if they go untouched by human interaction. The designs include a rolling Danish countryside, a lighthouse next to the sea, and a calm, breezy Danish beach scene. They are the perfect example of nature being allowed to get on with itself. 

    It’s a lovely idea to make a gallery wall consisting of different types of nature posters to make the perfect zen space. Just imagine - a landscape print next to an abstract representation of a flower. The natural world can be a great source of inspiration, especially when it’s all sewn together into one space. 

    Amongst these designs, we’re sure you will be able to find the perfect match for you! We offer cheap nature posters which are still of premium quality. Plus, our posters don’t come at a high price for you, the consumer, or the planet! Project Nord has managed to find the perfect compromise.

    We even offer free shipping worldwide! So, find the next addition to your home today with a beautifully-calm, nature print.

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