New In - Latest Posters

In this section of our website, you will find our absolute latest designs! Make sure you check back regularly as they are always changing.

So, what do our latest designs look like? Let us share that with you!

We bring out new collections throughout the year whenever we have new and fabulous ideas about alternative ways of decorating the spaces we live in. 

Our artists work from around the world to produce our designs. They love Scandinavian design just as much as we do. Each piece also puts a unique twist on that stunning nordic style. The results is wall art which brings something new to your home.

Wall art is such a lovely way to change the way a space feels. It is easy to transport, easy to change around, and also very affordable. Just try browsing through some of our designs!

A favourite piece at the moment is our new Abstract Rainbow Mountains poster. This design was painted by hand and then transferred into a digital format. The colours pop! Plus, this piece is so calming to look at - it transports you to walking in the heat of the Peruvian mountain ranges. Do you feel that too?

Which of our new in pieces is your favourite? Can you think of how to incorporate them into your home? It’s exciting to think of new ways to bring art into the home. 

The Abstract Rainbow Mountains poster, for example, would suit a number of spaces perfectly. It is a great talking piece to put in your living or dining rooms. If you’ve visited the natural wonder yourself, it could even be a momento from your trip. 

Or, this piece works in your study too. If you want to have a bit of visual stimulation while you work, try it. Get lost in the textures of the paint on canvas paper. It really is a joy to look at.

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