50 x 70 cm Posters

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    If you want to make a real impact in your home, try our 50 x 70cm posters. They are the largest sized prints we produce at Project Nord and wow are they stunning!

    First, if you’d like to know the size of our 50 x 70cm posters in inches, the measurements are 19.68 x 27.56 inches. Our 50 x 70cm prints work as brilliant focal points within the rooms they are displayed in. They are one of our most popular sizes at Project Nord for this very reason.

    343 products

    So, how do you find space for this particular sized poster within your home? If you have any wall space that is feeling a bit drab and left out, this is the best way to transform the space.

    With art prints of this size, the poster sits amazingly on its own. If you want to complete the look, try some wood mounting to make the design pop. This will make your home decor look exquisite. 

    All of our 50 x 70cm wall posters look brilliant in such a size. But, what specific designs do we believe shine when enlarged like this? 

    Wall art that features the perfect balance of white space and detail is perfect in larger sizes. Our yoga collection, for example, is eye-catching thanks to its deep blue colours. However, as the areas of blue appear in only part of the print, it looks great when enlarged. 

    Posters of this size also look brilliant when placed in the centre of a gallery wall. Choosing one favourite print to go in the middle is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. 

    So, if you’d like some high-quality art prints, purchase our 50 x 70cm posters today! The vibrant colours and overpowering size add something completely different to your home. They’re gorgeous.

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