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    A piece of art speaks different languages. Even the same poster from Project Nord can say one thing to you and a completely different thing to a friend of yours. However, what you can do is adjust the volume of the speech. If you want your artwork to draw the attention of the room, choose a larger size poster for your interior!

    50x70 frame is what you have been looking for! To be honest, we at Project Nord are fans of the 50x70 poster size, because of the statement it makes. We offer high-quality posters for any interior!

    For example, if you are a Scandinavian design adherent, check out these minimalist posters, that accentuate what Scandinavian design stands for – cleanliness and tidiness!

    Another tip of ours – if you can’t decide which poster to go for, if the size of the wall allows you to, then put up three posters one next to the other and create an artistic composition out of your favourite artworks!

    By the way, if you choose to put them near the kitchen or living room area, the composition can be a great conversation inspiration together with friends with a glass of red wine in hand.

    In addition, if the sizing of your walls does not allow putting three pieces of 50x70 poster frame right next to each other, you can put pieces from the same collection in different rooms. It will work as a décor that brings all of the rooms of your house together.

    50x70 poster frame for you!

    The 50x70 frame as we speak of it is measured in centimetres. However, if you live in a part of the world that uses inches for length measure, the 50x70 frame in inches is equal to 19,7x27,6 inches. We hope this makes your decision easier! This size of the poster looks impressive.

    A 50x70 frame white is what you have been looking for! The colour white will bring more light and happiness to your daily life. As it is with all picture frames, they focus our attention to the artwork, poster or picture that is within the frame.

    Have you seen how Mona Lisa, the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting is majestically framed? it is positioned in the museum of Louvre in Paris. Actually, the dimensions of the painting are close to 50x70 dimensions, but it is actually 53x77 centimetres.

    Take care of your posters by framing them

    The poster frames are a great addition to any artwork. Similar to icing on the cake! The cake itself is great even without icing, but it looks so much better when finished with a glaze that makes it even more appealing. Make the small and easy improvements to put an accent on your artworks!

    Posters are a great way of expression. They can mirror your mood, your inner emotions and thoughts. Surround yourself with what you find appealing every day and see how your daily life changes for good!

    Don’t forget what beautiful artwork frames can bring to your interior! A pretty frame will not only accentuate your artwork but also be an accessory itself. Home décor is a perfect way to bring long-lasting happiness to your life!

    Did you know that we at Project Nord plant a tree for every poster that is bought from our website? We are all for sustainability, minimalism, zero-waste fanatics! We love our planet, which is why we want to give back to the planet and leave as small of the ecological footprint as possible. High five if you love our planet make daily choices that benefit of our nature!

    Because we, Project Nord are located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, we are followers of Scandinavian design trends. Copenhagen being one of the Scandinavian capitals is an amazing source of inspiration for artworks that fit all home interiors. We want to spread the message of what we believe in around the world!

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