A3 Posters

Project Nord is known for loving atypical prints and not strictly sticking with standards. We will always encourage you to go for the unusual instead of typical. And so, even though we all believe in the minimalistic principles, we know that sometimes you just have to step out of the box and think bigger.

So if you already skipped A4 sized posters and you wandered on this page, because you want something different for your room, we completely understand. Poster prints should come in all sizes and shapes, and so it's no surprise that we created A3 sized posters for your minimalist taste. 

When creating gallery wall, you have to keep opting for different styles and sizes. Otherwise you'll end up with design blending one to another and none of them coming across as special or significant. And we all know that your interior design deserves better. 

Of course, when putting up elaborate wall art, you have to pay attention to several things and A3 poster dimensions is one of them. You want your wall art to fit in next to each other like a refined work of art. High quality is a stepping stone of any home decor. Once you mastered this part, and with Project Nord that's something you don't even have to think about, it's just a natural part of our posters, you may move along to deciding whether you're going for colourful A3 posters or black and white prints.

While putting everything together, it might be helpful to A3 paper size, which is 210 x 297 mm, and then go from there when choosing additional posters to combine with A3 poster prints. Dimensions are best to know before the poster frames decision making, as well as colour of your chosen wall art, since you are not only creating harmony within the space, or wall, but between the art prints and poster frame as well. 

A3 poster size might be a bit more than people traditionally go for, especially when you're only renting a place, but you shouldn't be scared of the proportions.  A3 size posters will add another perspective to any room, A3 poster frames are available on our website and if you're still scared of a print that will come across as a thorn on eye, just opt for Black and White A3 Posters and you will design a perfectly minimalistic and balanced home interior. 

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