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    Check out our animal posters and incorporate a bit of nature in your home. Let animal posters make your house feel so much more like home!

    We at Project Nord appreciate the beauty of animals. That’s why we have created various animal posters that will look great in your home! Nature and animals will always make you feel better. Check out our website and find not only the wonderful animal posters but also ideas of how you can style them in your interior design!

    Animals are beings that live on planet Earth together with us. There might be animals that you have not seen in real life, but you would like to see. Take a step closer and put up a wild animal poster at your home. It will be as a reminder that they are always there, spinning on the same globe as you are!

    Pets are beings who always and forever will be happy to see you. A good way to bring a pinch of happiness to a classroom full of kids on a Monday morning? Definitely by putting up some animal posters for classrooms!

    Children are learning and looking for explanations within their world every single day. Bring a pinch of happiness with the animal poster in a classroom and propose the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the wonderful creatures that inhabit the world together with us.

    Can we talk about the beauty of animals for a second? They are so different in every way. Carrying the whole colour palette, different shapes and sizes. 

    So different and unique between the species. No wonder there are some wonderful animal art prints out there, as they are masterpieces by themselves! 

    Learning with and about animals through posters

    One great attribute that animals have is their realness. That is something that people should take into account and implement into their life! If you want to bring up this topic with your family, kids or friends, put an animal poster in your home or bring it as a gift animal poster and get the conversation going!

    Maybe your grandparents own a farm or just love the idea of farming? Here’s an idea – bring some farm animal posters to them as a gift and fill their interior with posters that will make them smile every day of the year! Do that and see how they will teach about the animals visible on posters to their children and grandchildren!

    Pets come into your life bringing more positive impact than it might seem. They are powerful creatures, however not only muscle-strength wise. They come into your home and bring emotional and health benefits as well. 

    They are also considered powerful healers. By bringing joy and comfort, to even healing harmful diseases. For example, animal therapy has been found effective for children, both in a matter of diseases and for ordinary development.  There are numerous benefits of animal presence for children and grownups.

    If animals bring so many benefits, why not put some cartoon animal posters or some funny animal posters up on your walls? We all have smiled at adorable pet pictures or videos, that ends up boosting our mood. Why not have it as a part of our daily routine? A little smile and laugh is always a good thing!

    Animal posters can be a good decoration for school walls. Animal posters for school can brighten up the day of students and make the studying process more effortless. Even in art school, some vintage animal posters or black and white animal posters will not only make the school homier but also work as an inspiration to the students! And a great way to do that is by using styled animal posters as accents on the walls of hallways and classrooms!

    Animals can be our main sources of nature, especially living in the city. Therefore, they are a great way to learn about the world that we all live in. Animal poster at home or an animal poster in the children room is a great way to introduce youngsters and make them want to learn about the world we all live in.

    Most of the children’s favourite cartoons are the ones about animals. Is there a better choice for children room interior design than a cartoon animal poster? Drawn animal posters can bring little dreamers big dreams a reality.

    The presence of animals is emotionally healthy for every person, no matter their age. In case if it is not, however, possible, to enjoy the presence of an animal at your home, choose some farm animal posters or create a room in your house as a whole animal posters project and enjoy the happiness it brings you over time! We are so lucky to share our planet with all of the wonderful animals that can be found around the world.

    We are nature

    Animals do belong in nature. Just as humans, they feel their best when they are surrounded by fresh air and peace. We actually have so much in common. Could it be the reason why we often find a great bond with animals?

    However, some animals scare us, especially when they are close by. You probably would keep away from a bear or a lion, if you would ever see them with your own eyes at the forest. However, it does not change the fact that we admire these majestic animals. 

    A great way to keep an eye on them on a safe distance is to get an animal poster picture on your wall. In addition, animal poster in a nursery is a wonderful idea of how to teach the next generation about animals that surround this planet. 

    Realistic animal posters can let us appreciate the beauty and diversity of animals. However, to keep calm, there are wonderful minimalist animal posters available at Project Nord that will bring the calm of nature to your home, while also introducing your walls to animal art prints. °

    In case if you care about animals and nature, let me tell you a fact that will motivate you, even more, to get an animal print poster for your home, office or elsewhere! For every poster sold, we at Project Nord are planting a tree. In case if you want to give an animal pattern poster as a gift to a friend or family, a great addition to the gift is to inform the receiver about a tree being planted for their celebration!

    Let me tell you, we must celebrate animals! We could not even be here on planet Earth, if they were not here as well, doing their daily tasks as they are used to. Did you know that without bees in this world, humans could not survive? Which is why we must take care of other species than inhabit this planet.

    We as humans consider ourselves superior to other animals that are on our planet. In a way we are able to dominate and control animals, however, what else we can do is to use our mind and power to help them, to take care of them.

    Humans and animals are able to develop this specific band. The pure love of an animal is something that is impossible to put to words. As much as humans can teach their dogs to act a certain way, dogs, cats and other pets can teach the humankind how to love unconditionally.

    If you want to create an interior that will be friendly for all ages, look at the animal posters at Project Nord. They will warm the heart of the toughest cookie and crack a smile on your face after a long and hard day. It will be as a reminder that this planet is a peaceful place for all. In addition, those animals are full of love and care, ready to share it at any time!

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