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    Would you like a true pieces of art displayed in your home? You’re in exactly the right place. This collection of Project Nord posters have all been created by hand and then digitally remastered. 

    This means that you get the same beautiful quality of a real painting or drawing! The textures and the feeling of true pieces of art are there in our art prints. They’re stunning. 

    So, have a look at our collection of pieces and see what would be a fit for your home. 

    One of our artists Ayse Sirin Budak has proven to be really popular. All her pieces are drawn and painted by hand and you can really tell. They each contain that unique quality of the human hand. Each piece forms beautiful, abstract art prints.

    45 products

    Just take a look at her Still We Rise poster, for example. This fine art print has been lovingly created by hand. Take a closer look at the painted areas of the piece and you can see the divets in the paper it was completed on. 

    You can almost see the subtle undulation of the paper. This is because she uses hand-made fine art paper.

    Ayse has created a whole range of wall art prints which are available on the Project Nord website. Her style is so distinctive - she uses geometric forms in earthy tones on plain, crisp paper.

    They are minimalist, and yet have that special bit of humanity to them too. We love them!

    There are loads of other hand-drawn posters for you to choose from. Some are done in watercolour, others in acrylic or oil. Pick colours out of your own interior design and you will be able to find a poster to fit. 

    So, browse our collection of iconic design posters, online here at Project Nord! These art true artist prints where you can still see the hand of the maker. We believe that this is so important in our increasingly digital world! 

    When did humans first start creating art prints?

    It has been instinctual for humans to create things mimicking life for ages, literally ages! The first time humans created art was in the Pre-Historic Stone Age. That means that art has existed for hundreds of thousands of years!

    The first sort of art we know was ever created was called petroglyphs. This is the name for when people used to carve into rock to create patterns and scenes. 

    This sort of art has been found in lots of different places around the world. Funnily enough, Scandinavia is one of the areas where these petroglyphs were found! They’ve also popped up in South Africa and Australia, to name just a few locations. 

    Next, came pictographs, a sort of art where rock was still used as the canvas but paints were used to depict the designs. 

    These pieces were found in deep caves. Instead of being for decoration, many believe that they had links to a sort of worship and would also be used to picture different sorts of hunting. Therefore, they were very practical and served a purpose. 

    In fact, there’s evidence that the caves pieces were found in were never used as living spaces. Only the artists themselves and key thinkers would ever venture into these spaces. 

    These findings support the idea that the paintings held more meaning than something pretty to look at. They were part of some sort of sanctuary. 

    The next period of art came in the shape of carved sculptures. They were often made out of wood or mammoth ivory. Many times, figures were pared out of the material, especially female forms with exaggerated features called venuses. The Venus of Willendorf found in Austria is a famous example of this. 

    Ceramics made up the next period of artistic exploration. Clay was finally formed so that people had even more flexibility with the things they created. 

    Apart from on cave walls, it wasn’t until the Egyptians developed papyrus that art could be flat and easier to create. It was first used in 4000 BCE, around 6000 years ago. 

    Papyrus was a big deal for the Egyptians. They had spent years and years developing it and once it was perfect, it was reserved only for those who knew how to use it properly. 

    Although it was mostly used to documents elements of life, such as medical ideas, scientific texts, and official documents, some things were drawn out too. They used a thin reed with a soft tip as well as black or red ink to draw things out.

    Who would know that thousands of years later, things have changed so much. Now we are able to produce beautiful art prints by hand and then scan them into computers to reproduce them. 

    Project Nord’s hand-painted posters are the perfect example of this. They are crisp, yet unique! Just perfect. 

    Never has it been more accessible to have such brilliant quality art in your home. We believe that this is a brilliant thing. 

    So, get your affordable art prints from Project Nord today! We can’t wait to see what you do with your posters. 

    How does Project Nord produce the hand-painted designs?

    Now, you may be thinking - how does Project Nord recreate their designs in large format posters? How do we take a single piece, created by hand, and transform it into something that decorates so many people’s home decor? Hold tight and we will tell you. 

    Our artists create their pieces on their own. Normally, artists draft their pieces first and present their ideas. Then, as part of a team decision, we chose the avenue the artist should go down. 

    Next, the artist takes all the ideas away and creates what they want to create. A number of the artists work on iPad, using digital technology to replicate the feeling of hand painted designs. These pieces are not included in this collection however. These are just designs first created away from any screens. 

    They may sketch out their designs first, using photo prints as inspiration. Once they have their layout and perspective just right, next comes colour. 

    Different artists use a range of materials, as we mentioned in the top section of this page. What feeling would you like in your home? Acrylic paint makes for really bold designs. 

    You can get such sharp lines and rich colours. It’s perfect for abstract designs for example. A lot of Ayse’s works are completed using acrylic paint. 

    For something a little softer, watercolour designs are perfect. Our artist Maddie Powell used watercolours for our Citrus Aurantium design, as well as in our other botanical prints. It’s lovely to be able to see the individual brushstrokes and the areas where more water was mixed with the paint compared to other parts.

    We then use a high quality scan to digitise the designs. It’s so important that we do this step just right. For example, we have to make sure that the colour balance is correct so that we get the bright whites of backgrounds of the deep black of areas of detail. 

    Next, once we have the designs in a digital format, we go over them and lightly edit them. This just means getting rid of any smudges that might be visible on the paper, or any elements which aren’t quite right. This is good for changing the design into something which is perfect. 

    Then, the designs get made into design files, scaled correctly, and they are ready to go. When someone makes an order from Project Nord, our printing company is notified and they print the design on the spot. This means that we never have access stock lying around which either the customer or the environment would have to pay for in the long run. 

    The posters then get boxed up, sent from our printers in Germany, and sent to wherever you are in the world! And, with free shipping world-wide, that really could be anywhere!

    So make your gallery wall out of our posters today! There isn’t any better way of decorating your home than with wall hangings which have been made by hand.

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