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Are you looking for bestseller posters to decorate your home with? Here are our top 100 posters and prints which have gotten everyone into a frenzy! 

Our Scandinavian-style wall posters are the perfect fit for every home. These top-selling posters have been a hit with Project Nord followers. So we wanted to promote them so that even more of you could get your hands on them.

Amongst our most popular posters, we have a range of designs. From minimalist kids posters to stunning line art, there are plenty for everyone to choose from, whatever your needs are.

So allow yourself to browse through our posters and find some inspiration for your own home decoration? You can trust us to bring you the best, trendiest designs. 

With free shipping on all the posters we have for sale, there’s no reason not to get some beautiful poster designs for your home. 

And, did you know that Project Nord has unrivalled CSR policies too? We are just a team of creatives who want to make a difference in the world. We don’t believe those big corporations should be the ones who are holding the market. 

The thing with long-established companies is that they’ve been operating for a number of years and might be left behind in terms of the sorts of policies they hold. 

It’s harder to change if you’ve been in the business for a while. Project Nord, on the other hand, held sustainable policies right from the beginning. And, we’re passionate about them!

For example, did you know that we plant a tree for every poster you buy from us? We made this one of our policies as we realize how important it is to give back to the world which is our home. There’s no point taking and taking, otherwise there will be no resources left. 

So instead, we promote sustainable practices through our policies. We know it’s important to our customers. Beautiful designs and some corporate responsibility - the perfect mix!

Get your posters online today! Your home will be transformed and so will you!

Where should I hang by bestseller posters?

If you’ve got some spare wall space in different rooms around your home, here’s your guide to knowing how to fill it! We’ll take you through each room in your home and make suggestions about ways you can decorate them. Here are the best posters for each room. 

So, let’s start with the first room in the home - the hallway. This is such an important space as it is where you greet guests and is the sign that you’ve gotten home after a hard day at work. So, you need to make sure that it is a space that gives you that sigh of relief on arrival. 

The hallway is quite a flexible space, a place where you can get creative. It’s fun to go for something a bit wacky if you want to. In fact, because it is somewhere you pass in and out of, why not go for a brighter print that would feel to bold to go in the bedroom, for example. 

Our Finding My Way poster is perfect for this place. The pop of colour is exactly the burst you want to see on your way in or out of the home. Plus, as it’s on the theme of mapping and getting the right direction, it is perfect for the hallway. 

Next, onto the kitchen. We have a brilliant collection of Botanical and Nature posters which are perfect for this space. You can choose between the different designs depending on the sort of food you enjoy making. 

We’ll tell you a secret - our Citrus Limonum Risso poster is a real favourite amongst foodies. The lovely, hand-painted design comes with typewriter-like text beneath it, giving the Latin name of lemons. This fresh art poster is great for adding colour to your kitchen today. It promotes a feeling of cleanliness and home at the same time. 

In your dining and living spaces, it’s important that you get that balance of calming and stimulating designs. These rooms are the places where you can really show off with your design choices. But, it’s also important that you can relax and enjoy the spaces too. 

Therefore, we suggest you go for some abstract designs in these spaces. Within our collection, we have the best posters for making an impact whilst staying cool. Many of these designs are included in our top-selling art prints. 

Try out a design with deep, rich colours and an interesting collection of shapes. These are lovely for spaces you relax in as you can take a look and get lost in the design. 

A lot of our abstract designs are set against a plain background as well. This means the designs don’t overpower. They are just cool posters which are perfect for your home. 

It is also possible to hang some of our minimalist designs in your living spaces. In fact, why not make a gallery wall, using a selection of the pieces? This means you can include more best seller posters in your home. Get the balance of different styles. 

Which posters should you hang in the other rooms of your home?

Next, let’s go onto how you should decorate your bedroom. 

In the bedroom, you want to make sure that the designs you choose can keep you calm. That’s why we believe that our line art designs are perfect for this space. The black and white designs are simple enough to maintain a calm feeling in the space.

However, with the curving lines making beautiful formations of faces and figures, the designs hypnotise you into a place of creative calm. They’re stunning.

Posters are also a great way to decorate dorm room walls or rented properties. Your bedroom might be the only space you have to do your own thing with. And, with tight guidelines on how you can change the space, posters are perfect. 

Wall art is easy to transport and don’t take up a lot of space. If you’re not allowed to nail into the wall, frame your beautiful poster and lean it against the wall or on top of a dresser. This looks sleek and effortless, as well as solving the problem of how to make your room your own. 

Onto the next room - the bathroom. Bathrooms are difficult rooms to decorate. It’s difficult to know the right level of detail you should put into your bathroom. But just think about it, if you’re having a deep bath on a Sunday evening to unwind, you want the space you relax in to be perfect. 

Your solution is a framed art print. We’d say that having one, medium-sized design in the bathroom is the perfect level of detail to inject into the space. 

In fact, our Danish Seaside poster feels like the perfect match for the bathroom. There’s something special about having ocean scenes in this space. 

This design is calming, black and white, and would look beautiful as a framed canvas. You could match the colour of the frame to an accent colour in the room. What about a deep red?

That is the perfect level of detail and design for the bathroom.

Now, do you have any kids bedrooms you need to decorate? It’s difficult with children’s bedrooms to make sure they still fit within the decor of the house whilst pleasing the little ones. We kept this in mind when designing our posters. 

Have a browse through them - they are minimalist and fun, a difficult combination to pull off.  

Finally, let’s talk about the study. We have a brilliant collection of Typography and Quote posters which are perfect for spaces you want to feel inspired in. Get your motivation from one of our graphic design prints. We can’t think of a better space to get your best work done in. 

There are also different messages spelt out, depending on the sort of encouragement you need!

We hope you know exactly what sort of designs fit in different places in your home now. We are so excited for you to get going with your home renovation or touch-up. What a fun way to change things up in your life a bit! Try it out today by having a look through out collections.

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