Black 30x40 Frames

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    If you’re looking for something sleek to make your home decor pop, take a look at our black 30x40 frames. These frames are perfect for minimalist homes. They let poster designs speak for themselves in the most understated way. 

    In terms of size, 12’ x 16’ is equivalent to 30x40 frames in inches. Project Nord stocks a whole range of posters in this size, so you are truly spoilt for choice! Take a look at our collection and see if anything catches your eye which would suit a black frame perfectly.

    You know what looks really sleek? Black and white designs in black photo frames. Just think, a design like our Marble Mountains poster looks beautiful in a black frame. 

    Plus, with the colours dimmed down, it’s easier to see the stunning pink hue swirling round with the marble. It looks superb. 

    2 products

    It’s also true that posters from our multicoloured collection look brilliant when accompanied with a band of black around the design. For example, we have a poster called Abstract Rainbow Mountain which contains lots of earthy tones. The black around the outside pulls the whole thing together.

    And, would this not be the perfect gift idea? Get yourself a poster and one of our treated wooden frames today for a friend. All our designs are in tasteful, Scandinavian style so it’s difficult to go wrong! Plus, a 30 x 40 cm picture frame is just the right size to give to a friend. 

    So, take a look at our range of frames and see which one suits your interior design choices. Remember, we stock two types of frames - one which is traditional and the other which uses magnets so just two pieces of wood circle the design. 

    Which is better for you? Find out with Project Nord today!

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