Black 50x70 Frames

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    Black is the best colour, when it comes to design, architecture, fashion, style, anything really. It's so versatile, bold and yet somehow gentle and unobtrusive. So many people don't consider black and white colours, just shades, but that's a total misconception. 

    We, as a true loyal minimalists know, that there is nothing more colourful than black. Interior design, especially in Scandinavia is known for light spaces, but they always seem to find a way to make black colour seen, whether it's outside or inside their homes.

    Project Nord has prepared a high-quality wooden frames collection, because we know it's not only about art prints and posters itself, it also about where to place your modern art and how to put it there.

    In our collection, you can find black wooden picture frames among many other variations and sizes. This collection focuses on frames for 50x70cm poster, so that if you're looking into starting your own art print collection this is the right place to start. 

    3 products

    Create a gallery wall where the centerpiece will be one of Project Nord posters, for example from our Botanical and Nature Posters collection, and you will frame it in an original and sustainably made black poster frame.

    Black frames for 50x70 prints are very common thing, sure. But Project Nord has made black wooden frames that will capture the attention of even the most critical eye. Black wood is seen as a luxurious commodity, and so you are definitely aiming for the stars.

    Our 50x70 thin black frame will make a great impression on your wall art hanging in your living room. Black picture frames are a great addition to any interior design because of their versatility and what's more, they will never ruin your posters and prints. 50x70 black frame will beautifully accompany them, so it's the perfect choice for everyone.

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