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    Even though picture frames are used to protect the artwork from the impact of sun, water or any other effects, a framed picture or poster can make the artwork more defined.

    A bold, but nearly always fitting choice of frame, is a black frame. Black is a colour that goes hand in hand with nearly any other colour scheme. A framed picture or artwork will be a more eye-catching interior design addition, due to the powerful contrast that the colour black carries.

    We at Project Nord enjoy everything poster related, and, because frames are such an amazing addition to a piece of art, we think frames are a great way to add another dimension to the poster. 

    Because frames are mostly not flat but with a texture and added thickness, it makes the artwork take a tiny step inside the room it is located.

    3 products

    Black photo frame set for any room 

    Pictures in black frames will look fabulous in any room of the house. It might be the wrong choice if the walls are black, as it will reduce the contrast effect of the black photo frames. However, if the background of artworks and pictures is in contrast to the dark colour, get yourself black photo frames set and work your way around your room, hall, apartment or house.

    Black wall frames can look amazing not only at your living space but also at the workplace! We all want our work environment to be as joyful as possible.  The workplace is where people spend numerous hours every week, which is why it is the perfect idea to decorate around your workplace. Now you will not only love your work, but also the surroundings. You’ll see how your motivation levels will rise!

    The black picture frames set is a great option for a corridor at any building. Our suggestion – put up a large framed picture right next to an elevator and in the elevator! It will make the waiting and the ride itself feel short and sweet. However, we recommend it to be a rather creative and abstract piece of art, the one that makes the viewer think. It is the best for this sort of placement!

    The black wall frames that will spice up the interior

    Even though the colour black often is associated with darkness and sadness, it has some great characteristics! The positive traits of black include protection and comfort, as well as, strong, contained, formal, sophisticated, seductive, mysterious, endings and beginnings. Hereby, maybe a symbolic black will bring some traits to your life that you have been looking for all along!

    Have you been wondering where to get your black picture frames with mount? Check out Project Nord website, as we have all sorts of posters to offer! Artistic, minimalistic and realistic – we have something for everyone!

    Framed artworks can be not only a great addition to the interior design of your home or office, but you can also create a whole process out of it! Try making and designing frames with your kids and see how they will look at the artworks after they have put their hand to them. They are one hundred per cent more likely to enjoy having them up on the walls!

    Don’t let the darkness of colour black scare you off. Black frames will only enhance the art that you want to put up on your walls. Think of it more like an accent! The frames can actually make your room come together.

    Black frames for posters is something you will for sure find at Project Nord. We are offering so many forms of how to style your poster that it is safe to say that you will find what you are looking for at our website. Check out Project Nord posters and see which of our artworks fits your black frame the best!
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