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    Copenhagen Posters created to salute our home town which has inspired us to create our popular minimalistic nordic posters. Be sure to check out the most famous horizon-breaking sights of the Towers of Copenhagen. 

    26 products

    We present you to you the Old stock exchange, Borsen, the City hall and many other beautiful buildings and churches. You can find a fine poster of Nyhavn, the most famous harbor in Scandinavia. We used the iconic colors like: green color of the copper and browns of the bricks of Copenhagen buildings. We worked on this collection for half a year, and the results speak for itself!  Beautiful minimalistic , architecture posters from the heart of Denmark.

    Copenhagen Is the Place To Be!

    Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, one of the four Scandinavian countries. The Scandinavian countries include Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The four sisters have spread the word around the globe about the Scandinavian design, the minimalistic yet cosy interior style.

    We, Project Nord, are located in the heart of Copenhagen Denmark. That might be the reason why we love the Scandinavian design so much. We are creating posters on various themes that will be a great addition to any living or working space.

    Copenhagen poster collection is out and ready to become a part of your interior. There are plenty of places to visit in Copenhagen. Are you interested in Nyhavn Copenhagen Sea poster? You can find that and much more at our website.

    We want to help you to bring this beauty along as you go. You can think of these Copenhagen posters as Copenhagen travel posters, as this city is a tourism hotspot and welcomes people from all around the world every year. Your favourite travel memories in an artistic poster on the wall of your living room. Could it get any better than this?

    If you are still wondering if you should come and visit Copenhagen, we at Project Nord highly recommend you to do so! Imagine enjoying an afternoon in a Copenhagen bakery, feasting on the fresh Danish pastries with a view towards the marvellous architecture of the city. Sounds like a plan for a weekend getaway!

    Travelling is the only way that your money can make you richer. There are always places to go and see that you have not seen before. The miracles are all around you, just look! Even with the Copenhagen weather being not as pleasant at all times, the cultural experience of the city will take you by surprise and will make you want to come back for sure!

    Design In Copenhagen Is Extraordinary

    Copenhagen is well known for its architectural marvels. Interestingly, the city designers have done a fabulous job with merging the old and historic buildings with the new, modern constructions. The historic centre does mainly still consist of the majestic old-time buildings.

    The majestic architecture can be explained with the fact that Denmark has been and still is a Monarchy. Even though nowadays it has transformed into the constitutional monarchy, where the monarch cannot independently perform political acts. Even though the monarch does sign all Acts of Parliament, these only come into force when a Cabinet Minister has countersigned them.

    If you enjoy a variety of design and architecture, you will love the Tivoli Park, which is located in the very heart of Copenhagen, right next to the central train station. Tivoli Gardens is not only promising a good time for people who enjoy amusement parks, but also for visitors who enjoy beautiful sight and a tasty meal.

    Tivoli Copenhagen posters are not only pleasant for the eye, but also reminds of the fun and adrenaline of a great amusement park. Did you know that Walt Disney got his inspiration from the magical Tivoli Gardens to create the world miraculous Disneyland? You must see it with your own eyes!

    By the way, your number one Copenhagen poster shop is Project Nord! You will find the wonderful Copenhagen posters for your surroundings. Let us take care of the Copenhagen poster printing so you can get to effortless styling and enjoying! The Copenhagen Denmark posters are in high demand all year round, so be sure to get yours and stay on trend!

    If you are lucky, you are able to spot some great discounts at your favourite Copenhagen poster store, which is Project Nord. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our webpage, which will also give you a 10% discount for your first purchase. In addition, our newspaper will give you a message when there is a Copenhagen poster for sale!

    If Danes are so great with architecture and building design, could they have a catch for interior design as well? Yes, they do, indeed! The Copenhagen furniture falls is a part of the Scandinavian and Nordic design. They, the Danes, have achieved worldwide recognition of their ability to innovate and to do it with grace and style.  

    Danish society is not only expressing themselves in the exterior and interior design of buildings and houses, but also by showing their ability to put together stylish and original outfits. Copenhagen street style is almost as diverse as the building style – from old time classics to futuristic modernism.

    Lovely addition to the city is how accessible every location is with a bike. It is faster, cheaper and healthier to commute on a bike. Danes choose this type of transportation all year round, without even blinking an eye for rainy days and even snow. A Copenhagen map poster is a great representation of the bloodstream of the city, which is alive and active at all times, thanks to the cycling culture.

    The Urban Nature in Copenhagen

    If you are a nature-loving person and enjoy your time away from the busy streets and people crowds, Copenhagen is the place that can offer you both. It will suit the city travellers that are exploring the architecture and design, as well as nature lovers. When looking for Copenhagen travel posters, we have what you are looking for either way.

    For example, the city that is one of the largest cities in Northern Europe has a wonderful sand beach for a hot summer day or cold and quick winter immunity-boosting dip. The water is so clear that it is hard to believe that it is Copenhagen and not an all-year-round warm place.

    If you are interested in a little bit out of Copenhagen poster, be sure to check the Project Nord website, as you will find the beauty of the sea and Danish rural landscapes in all of their glory. You will see how neat and orderly the countryside looks. We love it, so we want to bring you the opportunity to add some fresh and natural feeling into your home.

    Animals, being a part of nature, cause many happy feelings in humans. Yet, people don’t see them every day when living in the city. Your cat or dog will always wait for you at home, but what about the ones that have not been domesticated to that extent? There is a zoo in Copenhagen just for that! Some Copenhagen zoo posters will bring your interior alive!

    However, if you are not a fan of the zoo, there are nature parks near Copenhagen, such as Jaegerborg Dyrehave, where you can spend your day near the lovely deers. It can be done as a one day trip outside of the city. It is also a great inspiration for travel poster ideas.

    You can never go wrong with travel poster art and any travel poster size will always fit your interior. Travelling is an activity that broadens your worldview and teaches you so much. It’s impossible to put the travelling experiences into words that would fully explain them.

    For the old-school style followers, does Copenhagen vintage posters sound like something you would choose to frame in your living room interior? What about overall vintage travel poster? Be sure to check the Project Nord website and find your vintage gems that will complement the rest of your room design.  

    We want to let you know that Project Nord plants a tree for every poster bought! So, if you buy a poster from us, another tree will be planted in the ground of earth.

    Sustainability is a topic that is well thought over in the city of Copenhagen. You can see not only urban gardens and spectacular solutions for energy saving, but also the people of Copenhagen are making their daily decisions while keeping the wellness of our planet in mind. Just imagine how the planet appreciates the cycling culture. It creates zero emissions when people bike to work and back!

    The city of Copenhagen is the place to be and the place to learn from. Get your Copenhagen poster today from Project Nord and bring the positivity of Copenhagen in your home.


    → How big is a Copenhagen poster?

    Copenhagen posters come in many different sizes. The word Copenhagen posters refers to the type of artwork and not the size of the poster.

    → What colors are Copenhagen posters?

    The most common colors for posters in the Copenhagen posters style are black and white, but we have posters in many other colors.

    → Which are the most popular Copenhagen posters?

    Our most popular Copenhagen poster designs are "6 Towers of Copenhagen" and "10 Towers of Copenhagen".

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