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    To finish off your ideal minimalist room, why not try a female figure poster? Eye-catching yet sophisticated, female figure posters add a sense of elegance to any room of the house.

    Whether it be standing on its own or part of a gallery wall, a female figure poster can be the perfect finishing element to a room. To find your next poster, browse Project Nord’s extensive collection to add a touch of elegance and creativity into your space! 

    So, what is it about female figure wall art which is so magical? Let Project Nord show you! Our timeless, feminine, and exquisite designs provide a perfect minimalist touch to your home.

    Also, the female body has a long history in art, being one of the oldest and most common themes in art. So, it makes sense that we carry on the tradition and create female figures in modern posters too!

    46 products

    Our female figure posters are black and white line posters that will add the perfect addition of femininity and elegance into your home. This is sure to put a modern swing on this classic subject matter.

    Female figure wall posters can serve as the focal point to any room. Since Project Nord posters come in a variety of sizes, they can be tailored to fit different room shapes and sizes. Try adding a frame to introduce an extra design element to the room. 

    In larger rooms, creating gallery walls to bring the space to life! A female poster can act as a perfect centre piece to a gallery wall due to its vibrant yet sophisticated design. 

    Make your place look like a native Scandinavian home with a female figure art print in black and white, a common colour scheme found in minimalist design. Simplistic yet chic, female figure posters are a great place to start on your next minimalist Scandinavian design project!

    The History of Female Figures

    There is a long history of female figures being depicted in art. Throughout history, art depicting the female figure has been used for purposes of hieroglyphs, religious purposes, anatomy, and for aesthetic appeal. 

    The female figure is a popular and old art motif that is still used to this day. Let’s take a look at the long history of female figures in art.

    Human figure art existed since prehistoric times, being seen in paintings in caves dating back to the Stone Age. In Ancient Egypt, statues were created for pharaohs which included both women and men wearing their royal garments. 

    In Ancient Central Africa, female bodies were portrayed abstractly and often featured a heart-shaped face. African mother and child sculptures were popular to ensure fertility. Ancient Greece also specialized in women statues, depicting the beauty and perfection of the gods. 

    These statues were often partially naked and highlighted the curvature of the female figure. The Romans also created art depicting women body, idealizing their shape and form. 

    Religious art showing the female body flourished in the Middle Ages, although the female figure was usually clothed. While mosaics and paintings in the church depicted women figures clothed, the naked female form was seen in drawings. 

    Nude models were introduced during medieval times, stemming from the 13th century. In the beginning, nude models were used to study anatomy instead of aesthetic purposes. It wasn’t until the Renaissance that the female body was depicted in art for aesthetic appeal once again.

    The Renaissance brought back the classical Greek and Roman depiction of the woman body, which idealizes the shape of a nude female body. The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli is an example of Renaissance art that focused on the shape of the female body. 

    Using a realist style, Botticelli portrayed the body more accurately and realistic than the Medieval art that came before. The painting is regarded as the first non-religious nude since the ancient art. 

    In the early 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, which has since become one of the most well-known paintings in the world even to this day. The painting marked an upgraded style of realism and featured a woman whose eyes followed the viewer. 

    Edouard Manet’s Olympia which was painted in 1856 was a nude depiction of the female body that showed the subject looking straight at the viewer. As part of the art nouveau movement, a movement that refers to art right before modern art dating from 1890 to 1910, erotic images of females became popular. 

    The female figure is usually portrayed as naked and is very popular today in abstract art. Studying how the female body is depicted within various time periods can convey beauty standards of the era and gives further insight into previous cultures and how they viewed the world.

    Today, female bodies remain a common motif in the art world used in both abstract and realist forms. Browse Project Nord’s carefully curated collection to view present day female figure drawings, now used for aesthetic purposes to decorate your house and create the perfect finishing touch to your next interior design project.

    How a female figure poster can add the finishing touch to your minimalist room

    Female figure line drawing posters are simple, chic, and timeless, adding a great finishing touch on your minimalist room. Female body posters create a feminine and sophisticated mood. 

    The softer and elegant design offers a great addition to the bedroom, and can be added with other posters. Our two female figure posters, the upper half of the female body and the lower half of the female body looks lovely when paired together. 

    Our beautiful collection features wonderful posters to complete your next minimalist design project. Project Nord’s selection often come in black and white, and are depicted in an abstract and minimalist form of line art. This style of poster offers the perfect touch to any Scandinavian minimalist home.

    The black and white colour scheme perfectly fits in with our minimalism design philosophy here at Project Nord. As a Danish company, Project Nord has deep roots with the Scandinavian minimalist design. Minimalism is based on the principle that less is more. 

    Sustainable, eco-friendly, yet chic, the minimalist design is a trend that helps the environment and is still aesthetically pleasing. 

    Moreover, minimalism also improves your life by teaching you how simple is better. Combined with our eco-friendly printing technique and our beautiful minimalist prints, you really can’t go wrong with choosing Project Nord for your next minimalist poster purchase. So why not begin your next Scandinavian minimalist design by browsing our body line art posters?

    Project Nord’s female figures are often line art posters. SOme of them are more abstract female figures, and others realist representations. Line art posters offer a sleek and unique finish to the room to enhance the room’s design and environment. 

    Line art is a great way to depict female figures since line art focuses on the natural shape of the subject. Some of our designs are even completed to create an abstract one-line feminine figure. This means that the artist created the whole design in one clean swoop. They are stunning.

    Simple yet elegant, line art perfectly complements the femininity and grace of the depiction of a female figure. The simplicity of line art posters align with the Scandinavian minimalist design philosophy that less is more. Get yourself a woman poster to liberate yourself!

    Female figure posters offer the perfect finish to any room of the house. Try styling one in the living room to add a touch of elegance and sophistication, or in an office to add a calming effect to the room. Posters are a great form of art since they are easy to put up and take down, allowing them to be used whether your home is owned or rented.

    Ready to finish off your room with a feminine and exquisite female figure poster? Click here to view Project Nord’s extensive collection of female figure posters. You’re sure to find a poster that fits your personal art sense in no time.

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