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    Everybody needs a bit of colour in their life, even if you're the most loyal of minimalists. But don't worry, we understand how important that balanced home decor is for you, and so we're not proposing any drastic changes.

    Project Nord created a perfectly balanced collection for you consisting of delicious art. Quite literally this time. Our Fruit Posters collection carries a significant note of colour and tasteful balance between minimalism and fancy design.

    If you're looking for an art piece to brighten up your home, you're at the right place. It might be an obvious choice to add food posters into your kitchen design, but maybe not the smartest one if don't want to be hungry all the time. 

    But fruit poster design is not only for your kitchen. Any other room in your home that might need that subtle splash of colour is welcome to be added on the list. Delicate designs are suitable for any space and so you don't have to worry about stepping out of the line with these fruit art prints.

    You can browse through our Fruit Posters collection and just let your mind wander for a minute. We should pay more attention to our intuition, especially while sorting out our interior design. Sometimes you just have to go with your guts to see what's the best option for your home.

    And as fruit and vegetable is the best option for your diet and ultimately health, Project Nord's Fruit Posters collection is the best for your home and mood. Especially if you were having a hard day, you may want to come home and look at beautiful bright colours on a subtle minimalistic background of your living room. 

    If you're still hesitant whether the Fruit Posters collection is the right choice for you, let's have a look at how you can style these types of posters and how to balance them with any other wall art you've collected so far. And most important of all, why purchasing a Project Nord poster will change your life forever. 

    How to style a Fruit Poster at your home?

    You may not define fruit art prints as minimalistic design, but have you had a look at Project Nord's approach to this rare design? Our high quality posters are a delicate minimalist turn on classical hand drawn designs. 

    Classic spin on fruit drawings is definitely more associated with southern design and their take on fruit illustration. You may have come across some retro fruit posters during your last holiday or seen a vintage fruit posters in an antique store during your last road trip through Italy.

    Well, when it comes to modern art, luckily the boundaries of what's typical and accepted are being broken down. So it's up to you if you prefer to go for a vintage fruit poster for your bedroom or you are more interested in kitchen decor and want to purchase a vegetable poster to boost you plant based diet. 

    Popular Fruit Posters are definitely combination of strong centred design and perfect graphic work, while the rest of the poster is minimalistic and simple. Yes, many time as simple as clear white background. Graphic design it's on its peak right now, so if you are looking for something really minimalistic and clean lines, there's an ideal solution for your home decor.

    But in case you prefer hand painted posters and something more realistically looking, you may want to reach for one of our citrus fruit posters or choose from the wide variety of other fruits and vegetables posters we have in our selection. 

    And yes, they might be most fitting as a kitchen wall art, but there are no limits for your imagination. So have a look around your home and try to imagine where would a fruit poster spark a bit of joy during your day.

    Once you found the right space for your new addition to wall art compilation, decorating your interior from our Fruit Posters collection, you might have a moment to decide which colour tones go with your current home decor. 

    Of course, that's in case you're not on to complete redecoration. Then you can just have a go for whatever makes you the happiest and is visually pleasing for you and take it from there with the rest of your interior. 

    Fruit Posters are a great way to bring nature inside your home in case you're lacking some green and earthly spaces in you life. For those of us living in big cities, adding that tiny bit of nature might be the way to keep our mood up and don't feel trapped inside our apartments. 

    And for those lucky enough to live hand-in-hand with nature every day, it'll just be a nice creative addition and maybe a bit of a welcomed change to stare at something more graphic and two dimensional once in a while. 

    Large format posters are great for spaces like living rooms or bedrooms. In a little more untraditional way, you can try to hang a large poster in your hallway. Have a go with and experience how it feels. 

    It might be rather strange at first, but remember that's only because people are normally not used to put up a big noticeable art in their hallways as they see it as additional and not really significant space. But not only living spaces are the ones that deserve your attention. Decoration otherwise unnoticed rooms and hidden corners of your home will turn out to be worthwhile in a long run. 

    What's significant about Project Nord's Fruit Posters?

    Our home is such a significant space that we come back to every day and so it is important to keep everything about it in the most appealing form and enjoy the atmosphere. Interior design plays huge role when it comes to creating best out of our living spaces. 

    With that said, it's important than you try around different home decor pieces and placements for them. You have to feel comfortable and relaxed because that's what our homes are for. Feeling great after a long day outside. 

    If you are uncertain whether you should get a custom poster or shop fruit posters online, have a look around Project Nord's website. We're fairly confident to say that you will solve your problem after few seconds of browsing.

    We in Project Nord produce posters that are the highest quality and designed in close cooperation with the most creative designers, who work hand in hand with us. On top of all this, purchasing a Project Nord poster is the most sustainable option of home decor on the market.

    With each poster purchased, we will plant a tree to return a favor back to our planet. Our printing methods are 100% sustainable and all of our product are from natural sources. So not only your home will be flourishing, but your conscious can too, cause you did something for the Mother Nature. 

    Adding some kitchen posters to your home is a great start with our Fruit Posters collection, but you don't have to limit yourself. Have a go with some bright colours for your minimalist Scandi interior to distinguish from everything out there and be the first one of your friends to purchase one of these beautiful pieces of art. 

    You can choose from various poster sizes and custom frames, so that you finish up with the best result for your home. Fruit Posters are a complete joy to look at, definitely a noticeable piece of art and yet a subtle addition that will complete the feel of serenity you've been longing for.

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