Magnetic Poster Hanger

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    If you thought that, a standard picture frame is all there can be to frame your poster or artwork, we have some good news! A fresh and modern way to put your pictures on the wall is a magnetic poster hanger. Come check out what we at Project Nord have in store!

    A wooden magnetic poster hanger will be a great and modern addition to the interior of your home. We at Project Nord have creative and artistic works of art for every taste. Have a look at our posters and find the one that fits your surroundings the best! After you have decided on the artwork, a magnetic poster hanger frame is the way to go to put it up on the wall and enlighten your everyday.

    The magic picture hanging hooks will be a great gift not only for yourself but also for your friends and family. It is such a simple, yet effective way to decorate the walls of your home.

    If you ever get slightly bored of the one-colour walls, posters in hanger frames can add just the spice that the room needed. What do you think about a poster hanging kit wrapped in a gifting paper for a special one?

    3 products

    If you are looking for ways to decorate your summer cabin, magnetic picture hanger is the way to go. The best feature of it is how easy it is to manoeuvre between artworks with this type of framing. You can get yourself different artworks for when seasons are changing and switch them up without a hassle! On the other hand, if you are a summer lover, a summer poster throughout the seasons will bring you back to warm and lovely summer memories.

    A magnetic picture hanger for the memories

    Magnetic photo hanger for family pictures will make your heart smile every time you have a look at them. The great feature of magnetic photo hanger is how easy it is to add and shift pictures. When kids are growing up, they are changing so fast! Now you are able to update your picture frames effortlessly. Put your childhood picture next to your kid’s and try to catch the resemblance!

    The magnetic banner hanger is a popular way to put up posters in public places as well. Because they are so easy to manoeuvre, while still looking effective, it is a win-win!

    Wooden print hangers can work as a wallpaper on the walls of a room. However, it is so much easier to put them on and change them around.

    Choose a wooden poster hanger now!

    While wooden houses might be a solution to climate change, a wooden frame in your room for that wonderful poster of yours will be a solution to the difficult waking up process in the early mornings. If you start your day by looking at what you find beautiful, your whole day will take a turn for good.

    Framing of artwork is undervalued. Two different frames will make the same artwork appear completely different in the interior. The thickness, colour and form will be as adapters to the surroundings. If there is a piece of art that you enjoy so much, yet it does not fully fit into your home or office, choose the right frame for it and you will see how you can fit any poster in any room with the right frame!

    If you are still considering the choice of frame, give a good thought about the magnetic picture hanger frame. Even though it has a sort of do-it-yourself feel to it, it can help a lot with making a house feel like a home. We all want to come home after a long day. Put up posters in magnetic picture frames and see how the place warms up.

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