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    Every real minimalist has to explore all the materials suited for interior design and figure out which ones work the best for you. And as you're having look around all the channels available for inspirational home interiors, like a perfect minimalist Pinterest board, you will definitely come across some textures and materials that will touch your heart. 

    On your search, you will definitely come across the gem marble is and you will fall in love right away. Marble products have a lot more spirit that will spice things up when it comes to your interior. 

    Minimalist interiors are easy to distinguish on first sight and of course, it's because of a combination of simple interior and cleverly used materials. However, there's one more significant element minimalist interiors have in common, and that is one bold noticeable detail in a room.

    And what can be more bold or noticeable than marble wall art? Marble design is applicable on any surface as well as it doesn't steal the attention from the room as whole, it just makes a great addition and gives the room that special twist.

    In our collection of Minimalist Marble Posters is a treasure trove for those of you who are looking for an unusual elements to put together with your current home decor  and for those who are tired of the same all design.

    The most significant you can go with these posters is rose gold marble posters, very popular option when it comes to this pattern. It perfectly fits together with white marble posters. Don't be afraid to experiment and combine these together. Marble art prints are on the rise and they definitely do the job.

    Creating a gallery wall, you can opt for one poster in vibrant colours and keep the rest in very nordic marble posters spirit, so simple and light. But going for rose gold will never be a bad decision. Rose gold marble posters are easier to style in your home that you might think. In fact, let's have a look at what to do with them and how to style any marble poster in interior.

    How to style Minimalist Marble Posters?

    Once again, you want to consider whether your new marble poster will become a part of a gallery wall or you want to make it a centerpiece of a room. Nonetheless, you can start browsing our collection and see what treasures you're going to discover. 

    Our high quality posters are perfect choice for you for countless reasons. Just have a look at how we not only bring the best final product to your home, but help the planet and our future as well. Choosing from Project Nord's collections will turn out to be a mindful choice and one of the best decisions you'll ever do. So fill up your shopping cart, because with our posters you're up for a great ride!

    As with any other patterns, it's important to consider all placement options, so that you don't break out some existing home decor oasis. When choosing multiple posters for your gallery wall, and you decided that Minimalist Marble Poster will be a focal point, you might want to go for something simple, like either Black and White Posters or combine it with another colour like from our Beige Posters collection.

    Marble is a gem, quite literally, so be careful not to over do it. You want to avoid adding any extra patterns next to it, and if you chose the rose gold option, don't add any vibrant colours, just keep it simple from there onwards.

    Very interesting options are geometric marble or abstract marble posters, so if you dare, you can try to work these into your interior and see what more it's needed. But many times, since marble is a pretty significant element in interiors, you won't be needing anything more. Marble effect on posters is a strong suit and you don't want you wall to be a thorn in an eye.

    Very beautiful combination is green and marble, so you should definitely consider going down that road. It's interesting colour combination that will work perfectly in your living room or bedroom. Definitely go for spaces where you spend quite some time during the day, because marble wall prints have a specific kind of energy that will boost your mood like a charm.

    Marble background works great for a floral installations, so you can combine it together for the best result. Marble wall posters are perfect if you're looking for something more special and out of the ordinary. 

    If you want to make it a centrepiece of a room, you may consider choosing an atypical placement within the room, like for example placing the poster next to your favourite armchair, but skip the hanging on the wall part. Just simply put it  on the floor, and if you feel like, that's also a great spot for a floral decor. 

    Certainly don't be scared of playing around with the poster a bit. You have to try different rooms and different ways to place it, until you discover that perfect spot for it that will fell natural, like the poster has been there forever. And if you still feel a bit lost for inspiration, you can read our article with all the best tips and tricks on how to style a poster.

    What's so great about marble?

    You still may be wonder why are we so excited about marble. Marble has been around for centuries, even thousands of years, and for a very good reason. Its structure is so complex and interesting, it has been a building stone of a whole civilizations. 

    So no wonder we are choosing marble today and any other day ever, because it's just that perfect. It  may have not belong among your favourites until now, but just hear us out and try adding marble into your interior. It will change things around, we promise.

    It has countless variations, any so you don't have to worry about not finding a perfectly fitting one for your home. If you need more persuasion, here are some examples of amazing designs and architecture, all using and admiring marble.

    Marble poster design is amazing, there is literally no else word to sum it up with. You might be a loyal minimalist and thing of patterns as something that just won't work for you. But that's not necessarily true. 

    You should experiment with your interior design. At the end of the day, it's your home and you want it to be perfect. So you want to find out what works the best. And as long as you don't overcomplicate things, there's nothing non-minimalistic about marble.

    Marble is also sort of a seasonal thing, so you might want to reach for it in the autumn months, when it works with the outdoor settings or during summer, when it cools things down a bit. However, during winter, marble can come across as an element that makes your interior look cold and austere. 

    But no matter the month or season or weather, marble does marvels with our mood! It's a remedy to a boring and ordinary interiors, so you do want to make it part of your home, even though you thought you can never reach for complex structures as long as you have minimalism in your heart.

    Marble definitely is a minimalistic element, as long as you know how to style it and you are not afraid to step out of the box and dream big. Our Minimalist Marble Posters collection is perfectly curated for minimalist enthusiasts, just like us. So lets get browsing and shopping!

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