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    The perfect touch to a minimalist room is a modern poster. Sleek, elegant, and timeless a modern poster design adds sophistication to any room of the house. Look through Project Nord’s poster collection to find a modern poster that fits your personal style. 

    Since Project Nord is a Danish company, you can trust us to provide the perfect minimalist styles. Within no time, a modern poster from Project Nord will turn your room into a Scandinavian minimalist dream!

    A great piece of art can finish off any room, so why not try a modern poster? Modernism was found on a belief of freedom of expression and is a great way to show off your art sense. The perfect poster can make an entire room appear put together and professionally decorated.

    Whether it be a last minute addition or what you base your entire design off of, a modern poster can add an element of personality. Browse Project Nord’s website to view all the different types of modern posters we offer! Our extensive collection offers something for every art taste so you can find the perfect poster to fit your individual style.

    209 products

    Due to their shared belief of declutter and simplistic design, minimalism and modernism are commonly associated with one another. Minimalism, both a lifestyle and an art movement is sometimes referred to as a new form of modernism since it focuses on clean and chic designs.

    Modern art prints are a great way to tie together a minimalist design. Mix and match a variety of colours, patterns, and designs to create different atmospheres for different rooms of the house.

    A Brief History on Modernism

    Beginning around the end of the 19th century, modernism breaks from traditional art and is found on the premise of experimentation. Modern art began during the Industrial Revolution, when technology, innovation, and urbanization changed European and American society. 

    Artists started to create art based on personal experiences and the subconscious, along with using symbolism and getting ideas from their dreams. New materials, techniques, and mediums rose such as photography. 

    Mass production became easier, which includes producing posters. Some famous modern artists include Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Claude Monet. Modern art compliments minimalism and allows for a bridge between the two styles.


    Along with modern art comes contemporary art. Contemporary art of today spans from the middle of the 20th century and 21st century. Contemporary art includes a variety of methods and concepts. 

    Some contemporary Scandinavian artists include Olafur Eliasson and Martin Whatson. Modernism, minimalism, abstract, and classical realism are art movements that are included in current contemporary art. The variety of choices allows for the expression of many different design senses and styles.

    Contemporary posters allow for a variety of designs and patterns to fit in with a multitude of tastes. View Project Nord’s line posters in black and white for a more simplistic and elegant design, or try viewing the multicoloured posters to add an extra pop of colour into the room. In no time, you’re sure to create a great minimalist design.

    Art adds personality to the room, while also introducing texture and patterns. It can make the room appear put together and feel complete. Make sure that the art fits in with the decorative style of the room in order to bring the room together and make the room appear professionally decorated. 

    A key element to minimalism is ensuring that a room is not cluttered and stays clean. Contemporary wall art adds a vibrant and unique design element without overcrowding a room. To add an extra design feature add a frame to the poster. Try a wood frame to add extra texture into the room, or a simple white frame to create clean, crisp lines.

    Simple modern posters can be used to add a decorative element to the room without overpowering a minimalist design. Wall posters are a great way to demonstrate your art sense while also adding decoration and style into any room of the house. 

    Art posters are often paralleled with fine arts, adding an extra design element to the room. A modern minimalist poster can fit in any room, whether it be the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or office. 

    Create a different vibe in each room by playing around with different colours and patterns found within the posters. Try botanical and nature photos for the kitchen, and abstract and line posters for the bedroom.

    Too often, decorative wall art is seen as an afterthought in interior design. But wall art can be a powerful tool in design. Wall art provides a colour palette and can be used to determine the shades you will use for your room as a whole. 

    Project Nord posters come in many colours so you can choose a piece that speaks to your individual style. View the ‘Colours’ category on Project Nord’s dropdown menu to shop particular colour palettes ranging from pastels to black and white. Project Nord’s large collection allows for a multitude of choices to fit any design and any room.

    How Modern Art can Improve Your Home

     Modern wall art allows for the ideal focal point.  To create a powerful focal point a modern graphic design poster can create a unique design element. Modern posters for the living room can be used as a focal point of the room. 

    But when choosing wall art to act as a focal point be sure to take size into consideration. If the artwork too big it can appear as if it is overpowering the room, but if the artwork is too small it can make the room feel empty. 

    Luckily, Project Nord offers a variety of poster sizes to choose from to fit perfectly into every room size. Create a poster wall to design a larger focal point. Arrange the layout of a poster wall by balancing sizes and finding the right colour scheme. Try different patterns to create the perfect layout.

    However, posters are also a great last minute addition to a room. Posters are a great form of art since they are easy to put up and take down. They offer a beautiful decorative quality to make any space, whether a purchased home or a rented property, feel like your own. 

    Let your personality shine by finding a poster that speaks to the mood of your room, whether that be relaxing, vibrant, or elegant. View our various modern styles to create the mood you’re working towards. Express yourself and your creativity by exploring all the different types of modern posters Project Nord has to offer!

    A modern poster is a great compliment to any minimalist room. Modernism is very common in Scandinavian countries due to its close tie to modernism. Coming from Copenhagen, Project Nord has a great grasp of modernism and the poster designs show this. Scandinavian modernism emerged in the 1950s and focused on sleek and clean lines, along with functionality and sustainability. 

    Scandinavian design categorizes Nordic design that is common in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland. The main purpose of minimalism is to improve daily life. Nature has a lot of emphasis, which includes using natural material such as wood, leather, and metals. 

    Eco-friendly materials are also important in order to honor the relationship with nature and taking care of the environment. Less is more is a central philosophy to ensure the space does not become cluttered, and adding a few posters to the room can ensure the minimalist style will still be in tack.

    A modern poster adds the finishing touch to any minimalist room. The next time you look for a new poster, check out Project Nord’s modern posters to add character and style into any room and create the perfect minimalist room. With our large selection of modern posters, you’re sure to find one that compliments your personal style sense to become a great addition to your room!

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