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    Moon is like the big brother to all of us. He comes up at night, gently looking upon us and ensuring that the night sky does not get too dark. With the bright reflection of the sun that the Moon brings to earth, he lights up the streets. 

    Combined with the stars, the whole sky becomes an artwork within itself. It is breathtaking. As well as we all think we know the moon, it comes around with mystery and almost a secret that he is never going to tell.

    Moon art is appealing to any living soul. We have all been wanting a moon poster to sit on the walls of our room at some point in our life. This is the time to make that dream a reality! 

    We at Project Nord are head over heels in love with the moon and the mystery it brings, which is why we have created a whole collection devoted to the moon art!

    The magical feeling that goes through your body when you are looking at the night sky can be there to remind you of all miracles possible with a night sky poster as a décor in your room! 

    Check out our collection of moon posters that will fit into any interior design. The small number of 12 is the number of people that have ever walked on the moon in the history of humankind as we know it. For the rest of the people, it has been this secret in the sky.

    We can see the moon in different phrases and times of the day. It could appear during day time or turn on the lights in the dark streets during the night. Could it be that the moon is so appealing for humans because we can actually see it with our own eyes? Could be. 

    But what we know for sure that it is a beautiful thing to look at, which is why a moon art in your apartment will make the room come together.  

    The beauty of the moon

    Have you ever thought about what kind of power moon actually carries? Well, listen to this one! Moon is able to move the water in our seas in oceans! Low and high tides are actually the work of our satellite – Moon! 

    It attracts the water like a magnet, which is why the low tide is found at some beaches in the first part of the day and the water level is back up by the time it is afternoon. This movement happens as the moon orbits the earth and while the earth rotates its axis.

    If you are eager to learn more about the moon, put up a moon phase poster on the wall at your home! It might be especially useful to put such a luna poster up in a children’s room so that the youngsters are able to learn more and develop an interest in the field. 

    Who knows, maybe these kids with a realistic moon poster up in their bedroom will be the next astronauts that walk the moon on their own feet! The moon wall art could also be a great inspiration for the newer generation to walk their carrier path all the way to the moon!

    The moon is drifting away from our planet by approximately 3.8 centimetres every year. Could it be that thousands of years from now, the moon will be the size of a star from where we look at it? If it is drifting away, how enormous did it look from planet Earth millions of years back in the past? 

    We can only imagine now, yet we can create a moon aesthetic poster to fulfil our interior design. Moon artwork, because of the subtle colours, will actually work with all sorts of designs.

    The pink moon poster would be a great fit for a children’s room. All moon-related ideas are lovely and beautiful, aren’t they?

    However, if you are a fan of a more classical theme of the moon, Les Lunes Bleues is the one for you! In this particular poster, you can be reminded of the magnetic power the moon has over our oceans. To look at it from a different perspective – it could be that you are swimming in water that is being moved by the moon at that very moment!

    Every once in awhile a lunar eclipse occurs. During eclipses, the sun, earth and moon are in a straight line or nearly so. The moon is turning dark for a moment because the earth is exactly in the middle between the sun and the moon. 

    We from the earth only see the moon because of the sun rays that fall on it. Hereby in the occurrence of a lunar eclipse, the earth is shadowing the moon and turning it dark! The last lunar eclipse happened in the year 2017; however, the next one is coming up only in the year 2024.

    The lunar eclipse photographs are spectacular, as the real-life picture shows the moon in colours that are so rarely visible up in the sky! The pictures make wonderful retro moon poster examples.  

    Our moon under another name Luna

    Our satellite, the moon, is often called Luna. This comes from the Latin language. Interestingly enough, the moon in the English language does not have a particular name. Nevertheless, the name Luna is commonly used for describing moon-related events, even as the lunar eclipse.

    Lunar eclipse poster is just as wonderful an idea as a minimalist moon poster. If you are thinking about a gift for a dear person to you, a moon cycle poster could be the way to go! It could be either a moon print or a graphic print with the moon. Either way, the earth’s natural satellite is a piece of wonder in the sky, looking at us from the universe, every single day.

    People have divided the different appearances of the moon from earth into moon phrases. The moon has eight phases in total, which are a new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent. 

    Check out our Crayon Moon poster from Project Nord that will be a perfect addition to the children’s room at your home. It could also be a great masterpiece of a kindergarten room or a school classroom. Moon art print can engage with the young children that enjoy the mysteries and tales. 

    They allow their imagination to take them to places much further than the moon, yet Luna can inspire them to dare to dream big.

    The big white moon that does not let you sleep at night… the one that wakes up your body, but not your mind, and moves things around you. At the same time, so appealing and binding! If you love the moon, yet the light that comes in the window from it is too bright for you, put a white moon poster up on your wall! That way your moon will always be there to keep an eye out for you.

    In regards to the lunar eclipse, is the moon turning black for a minute or a few? Black moon sound as something exclusive and extraordinary, yet even more mysterious than the white moon that we are all so used to! Looking for a masterpiece for your living or working space? Our Shadow of the Moon poster is the right one for you.

    Children’s minds use a whole lot more imagination every single day of their life in comparison to an adult’s brain. However, it is healthy for a grown-up as well to train their imagination. That is the only way to come up with new, creative and extraordinary ideas. 

    The moon shadow poster would be a great fit for a working space. Together with the mystery of the moon, this lunar poster would make the employees think out of the box. And when thinking out of the box, the ideas and solutions come more easily.

    In addition, take the moon as a reminder to always dream big and live life to the fullest. It does sound cliché, yet there is a whole lot of truth at that sentence. A moon inspirational poster will bring out the best version of you. 

    As we grow up, we tend to forget the way we saw the world when we were little and there were no rules or limitations to our thinking. Be inspired by your younger self, be inspired by the moon and see that this world is a wonderful place to be.

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