Natural Wooden 30x40 Frames

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    Do you want to frame your posters in the way Scandinavians do it? Well, you’re in exactly the correct place. Natural Wooden 30x40 Frames are the way to go if you want to be real Scandi about it.

    A huge aspect of Scandinavian interior design is bringing the outside in. This idea is mirrored in loads of ways around the home. Floral prints, for example, are very popular. So are large windows where you can take in views from outside. 

    However, the most predominant way to bring nature inside is by using natural materials, wood being one of them. 

    Scandinavians do this through their floors, their tables, and their window ledges. They also use wood as the material to make their poster frames from. 

    1 product

    This is such a lovely way to add a natural element to your home in a very subtle way. Especially when paired with botanical and nature posters, it’s the perfect combination. 

    For example, look at our collection of watercolour posters of fruits and vegetables. The Fig poster is my particular favourite. This design, with its subtle rich yet pastel colours, looks beautiful with natural wood colouring. You should try it out in your kitchen!

    Other designs also look great with natural wood frames. For example, very minimalist designs are softened by the natural brown hue the wood gives. They are very versatile! 

    We have two different sizes of the frame to choose between as well. If you’ve ever wondered how big is a 30x40 picture frame, it measures 12’ x 16’. It is our smaller poster frame size. 

    Remember that there are also two frame styles to choose between! If 30x40cm is your favourite sized print, get one of these frames today! And with no shipping costs, it’s difficult to say no. So try out some of our different picture frame sizes today!

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