Natural Wooden 50x70 Frames

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    Natural materials like wood or stone definitely belong to Nordics' most favourite interior components. So it's no wonder that if you're aiming for a perfect Scandi interior and you decided to create a gallery wall, natural wooden frames are must-have.

    Art posters are for sure one of the most interesting and eye-catching home decor pieces. But you can't achieve ideal without well-fitted picture frames. Your wall art is just way too important to not go all the way.

    And since Project Nord loves high quality, we manufactured for you a perfect natural frame for 50x70cm posters. Your art prints are in safe hands, and you can totally rely on our natural poster frames to do an excellent job with your interior design. 

    1 product

    Wooden picture frames are amongst our favourites if you want that minimalist interior. But if you need to cool things down a bit, you can go for something more black and white from our Black and White Posters collection. And if you want to keep things in the same shade, browse through our Earthy and Beige Posters collection. 

    But what could ever work together better than nature on nature? So if you want your posters and prints to look absolutely stunning in natural 50x70 poster frame, go have a look around our Botanical and Nature collection.

    Project Nord's natural wood frames comes in different dimensions. But since our favourite size for art prints is 50x70, you should go for our 50x70 thin natural frame. 

    And best of all? Not only the natural colour creates cosy vibes with your home decor, but our collection included all 50x70 frames with mount. So all your wall art will be entirely protected. 

    We in project Nord believe in high quality and all thing Scandinavian are second nature to us. So if you're longing for a beautiful home within Nordic standards, choose an ideal poster for your home from our collections and accompany it with one of our 50x70 picture frames from our web shop.

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