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    Nature is a part of us, humans. We build high skyscrapers and buy fancy cars just to be able to leave it all behind for the weekends and go for walks in forests and parks. We are connected with the natural, which is why we feel so great when surrounded by trees, flowers and waters.

    We at Project Nord are head over heels in love with nature and all that it has in store. Therefore, we think it is a great idea to bring more materials that are natural in interior design. Nature is what makes humans feel so great, why not surround yourself with wooden design pieces. Frame your posters and artworks in wooden frames and brighten the whole mood of the room!

    Natural wooden frames will fit not only in the living room of a modern city apartment but also will look great on the walls of summer cabin near the seaside or deep into the forest. 

    By the way, Project Nord plants a tree for every poster bought, so be sure to check our natural poster collection and fill the natural wood frames with artwork that will brighten your mood every day!

    A large wooden frame as a centrepiece of your apartment

    A large wooden frame can be the centrepiece of a whole interior of a room or even the whole house. What about a large wood frame that connects the first and second floor of the house? It will look majestic and brilliant! Not only the size of it will be surprising, but also the warmth that wood will bring to the rooms.

    If you have been googling ‘wooden picture frames UK’, Project Nord is the page you have been looking for! We offer worldwide shipping of wood frames that will make your house a home. They can be large frames, small frames or medium frames. We have it all!

    Did you know that there are more trees on our planet Earth than there are stars in the Milky Way? Woah, there must be many trees then! We have all seen the night sky where millions and millions of small dots are sitting next to the Moon. However, trees do far outnumber the stars that surround our planet!

    Even though wood has a warm tone to it, if the very natural colour does not fit your home interior, wooden frames can be toned to gain a colder, brighter or darker shade. In that way, you are able to bring the wonderful natural material frame to your living room or bedroom, make it fit perfectly with the design and still have a touch of nature right by you.

    Wooden picture frames in a children's room to bring nature closer 

    Wooden pieces are also a great addition to a child’s room. Especially if the kid is growing up in the city and is not able to be surrounded by nature on daily basis, it is definitely a good idea to introduce the little hands with materials that come from our forests. A perfect combo would definitely be a flower poster framed in a wooden frame!

    The presence of wood in your living environment can be a good reminder to live sustainably and take care of our nature at all times. To pollute less, use less single-use plastic, bike and walk more instead of driving a car and so on.

    Here is a great way how you can customise your wooden frame together with your kids! Once you own a blank, large wooden frame, take your kids on a walk through the forest and collect little flowers, cones and pieces of any other plant. Bring them home and after drying them, glue them on to the wooden frame! The kids will love this activity, they will be proud of their investment on the main accent of the living room!

    Nature is always the way to go. Get your wooden artwork frame now!

    1 product
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