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    Have you ever been interested in photography? Even if the answer might be no, there are types of aesthetics for every single one of us, even for you. Photography doesn't have to be super professional discipline for only a few chosen ones. It's something we all appreciate and come across on a daily basis, many times without even noticing. 

    Since in Project Nord we appreciate every aesthetics that go within the lines and rules of minimalism, photography posters cannot be left out. They definitely belong between our favourite art prints, and so we've decided to give you an opportunity to bring them to your home and complete the aesthetics of your interior with this original type of home decor. 

    Since there is many options for your next art wall among our collections, photography can't be missing in your living room and most important of all, you have many options to choose form. With our Natural and Botanical Posters collection, the natural landscape photography posters will be a perfect match. And if you're going from something more minimalistic, then definitely have a look at black and white photography posters, which will go with both Minimalist Poster collection and Black and White Poster collection

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    We all have our own ways of expressing personal interests in life and for some of us, capturing the moment might be one of them. If photography is one of your interests and life long passions, then you will love this collection! From nature photography posters, landscape photography posters to fashion photography posters, you play around with the photography once you put it in print and transform it into beautiful masterpieces, creating black and white art  or your favourite canvas from the prints. 

    Wall art can capture anything and is for sure one of the most versatile forms of design out there. If you love fine art, you know that posters are perfect addition for your interior and posters about photography are even more creative and original. Transforming them into beautiful canvas it's only next step and is completely up to you how you transform these pieces to balance with your home. Creativity should have no limits!

    How to style a photography poster in your interior?

    We all saw it before. People go for cheap black and white photography posters just because they saw it somewhere as a tip to achieve that beautiful minimalist interior and this home decor piece will for sure do the trick! But we know that's not the way to do it. 

    First of all, your interior has a soul on its own and you can't just swoop in there with whatever piece you saw in store and you liked it in that moment. Buying a wall art pieces, you have to consider the fact that they're going to be part of your home for preferably a long time, since we all believe in sustainability and are trying to achieve that zero waste lifestyle in the first place.

    So, whenever picking a wall art, just imagine if that's the piece you're going to love in a month, in a year, in five years. If yes, then you passed step one. But we are not even close to the finish line yet.

    As we said already, your interior has its own tone of voice you gave to it with every home decor you brought in and every little change you've ever made. So now, with every new piece you're complementing the old ones. Same goes for your posters. And with Photography Posters, it might be even a bit more difficult. You already might have some favorite art prints hanging on your wall. So you don't want to mess the whole style of your interior with one purchase.

    When you're looking for a perfect photography poster, you have to consider whether you're going for classic black and white photography or a bit of colour for your minimalist interior. Colour can still be basic and black and white can still mess things up.

    So, if you've chosen a black and white poster from our Photography Posters collection, excellent choice. All the designer working with us on the poster designs are extremely talented and most importantly, they all live with minimalist on their hearts and souls. So you definitely will purchase a perfect minimalist poster for your interior. Consider whether your interior has more darker or lighter tones and choose a poster according to this. Also, once you purchased your minimalist Photography Poster, you can go for our Black and White art prints and create a gallery wall in any room it suits your interior the best.

    If you decided to add a pop of colour to your interior and so you'd like to go for different photography poster, don't worry! Project Nord has you covered. We have a huge variety of Photography Posters in our collection that are still minimalistic, but will add that bit of desired shade and hue to your interior design. 

    And, as a little suggestion, as much as we appreciate all the designs, once again. Creativity shouldn't be limited by anything and anyone, so go ahead and adjust your Photography Poster as much as you want. It's only desired that you make your home feel like home with every step and every purchase. And there's nothing more hygge than personalising your interior design. So that next time your friends come over, you can hear that sentence “this is so you”.

    What goes where and how to choose it?

    Are you still undetermined whether to buy one of our Photography Posters, because you don't know what to put next to it and how to organize your living room around it? And you actually don't even know where to put the poster itself, you just know you want one?That's okay. Styling your interior around new piece is always hard, but never impossible. 

    First of all, if you're satisfied with your interior design as it is and you're afraid you're going to ruin things by adding a new piece, that's not the only outcome of things. You can either choose a poster that actually balance your interior perfectly, and won't come around as eye thorn. Or you can personalise the poster once it's in the comfort of your home and see what works best for you.

    Obviously easier option is when you are looking for a change and you want to turn things around. In that case, you can just look for an eye-catching minimalist Photography Poster, complement it with some Black and White Poster or Line Art Poster from one of our collections and you're good to go! Your base is set and you can go ahead with redecorating the rest of your living room. 

    If you're still looking for some inspiration, you can have a look at genius work of photographers like Peter Lindbergh or Annie Leibovitz, who definitely have their edge on black and white photography and minimalistic art. Take an inspiration, it's the best way of how you can figure out what's best for your interior design and how to go about refurbishing at your home.

    Once you purchased that lucky Photography Poster you'll love, you can of course get a custom framing for any poster size you've chosen. We have a collection of beautiful minimalist, of course, all made with wood mounting to match your Scandi home.

    And remember, Scandinavians know how to appreciate fine art and beautiful designs, and photography definitely belongs in these categories. So don't be afraid to try something new. We promise you that with Project Nord art prints, you'll enrich your home with the best designs and at the same time, go for the most sustainable and original option. And who knows, maybe you'll even get inspired to take on a new exciting hobby.

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