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    Active Project Nord discount codes, vouchers and coupon codes

    Discount codes, vouchers and coupon codes are a great way to save money, when you buy posters and wall art at Project Nord. This is the only official list of active discount codes for Click here for a list of discount codes for Project Nord Japan and discount codes for Project Nord Deutschland

    Official discount codes:

     GGLCOMLP20 Get 10% off your first order for all products from Project Nord [ACTIVE]
    GGLMORE3  Get15% off when buying 3 or more products [ACTIVE]
    BLKFDY19 Save 40% on all orders from Project Nord  [Expired]


    Frequently asked questions about discount codes on Project Nord

    How do I use a Project Nord discount code?

    Using discount codes at website is really easy. This is what you do:

    1. Visit the shop on and find the posters and wall art that you like and want to buy. Add the posters to cart. Don't worry about the price - you will get the discount before you pay
    2. When you are done shopping for posters - click on the shopping cart icon and choose "Go to checkout". 
    3. On the next page - just below the pictures of your posters - you will see a field called "Discount code". Type in your code there - and you will see, that the price is reduced right away!

    Are the discount codes case sensitive?

    Not, it makes no difference if you use capital letters or small letters. Just make sure, that you use the correct letters and numbers. It is always a good idea to copy and paste the code - that way you are certain, that the code is correct.

    What is the difference between a discount code, a voucher code and a coupon code?

    That is easy. There is no difference. Different shops use different names. Some like to call them vouchers - some call them discounts or coupons. But they all mean the same - you can buy cheap posters with a discount. The wall art products from Project Nord are always of the same high quality. You just make a better deal, when you use the coupon.

    Can I combine coupon codes?

    No you can only use on coupon or discount code per purchase. So if you have more than one code, choose the one with the biggest discount.  You can then use the other code the next time, you buy posters from Project Nord - or share the code with a friend who likes Nordic design.

    How do I know, if a discount code is active

    The coupon codes on this page will always be active as this is the official list for Project Nord coupon codes. But you can always just try to enter the discount code and the webshop will tell you, if the code is active or not. 

    Why do webshops offer discounts to buy posters?

    All webshops make campaigns and special offers from time to time to attract more customers. It can be for a general sale or for specific products - or it could even be as rewards. Project Nord for instance always offers a 10% discount code for new subscribers to their newsletter. sign up in the form below to get that discount code via email.

    Can I get Free shipping with a coupon code?

    Yes, sometimes there are campaigns that offer vouchers for free shipping on products from Project Nord. Check the list at the top of this page to see all the latest valid coupons.

    Will the coupon codes expire?

    Some coupons and vouchers have expiration dates while other are permanent discounts. So make sure to check the list on this page when you get a discount code to see if and when it expires. 

    Are there special discounts for students or seniors?

    Project Nord offers various discounts from time to time. Some of these may be meant primarily for students, seniors or retired citizens, but most are actually not restricted to any group but available to all customers. If there are any restrictions on a coupon it will be specified on the list on this page. 

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