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    There might be a sea of words, however, not even an ocean of words could ever be enough to describe the power of the sea.

    We at Project Nord enjoy the presence and calmness of the deep waters. Therefore, the love of the sea is within us, and we are spreading the strength of water through our sea posters. Bring the ocean closer to you by introducing it to the interior design of your home. 

    About 70% of our planet is water. It surrounds us from all sides and has a massive power upon us. Even though the people are not able to control the sea or the ocean, we live with and by the deep waters.

    We travel across the oceans, anglers catch fish from the seas. People are becoming better friends with water as ever before. Scientists are looking and researching the depths of the sea, to be able to understand at least bits of this powerful, yet calm element.

    Do you enjoy being around the ocean? Catching a wave on a sunny day is the highlight of the day! Put up some ocean life posters to your room or apartment, in order as a reminder of the bright and happy days on the waves! 

    Water posters do not only can increase your mood, but also motivate to get going! Good times are always ahead of you; let your ocean poster lift your mood.

    An open sea poster to be the first thing to see in the morning – it is almost like looking through a window and viewing the beach! It is the best way to start a day. You can hang it on the wall in your room or even on the ceiling; so that your day is on the right path from the moment you open your eyes!

    Secrets of the sea through posters

    If there is a mysterious part of the planet, it is definitely the sea and ocean. Even though it takes up such a large percentage of our planet, we actually know so little about it. Oceans are the home to millions of Earth’s plants and animals. 

    You can not only find the tiny single-celled organisms in the water, but also the planet’s largest living animal, the blue whale. Fun fact, 95% of the living organisms on this planet are actually living in the water! Yet, less than 5% of ocean life is explored.

    What does your dream sea wall art look like? Is it a seafoam poster? Are there some stormy sea posters that you have in mind that would look lovely on your summer cabin walls? Yes, it would! 

    Check out this silent sea poster to bring the secrets and tales about water into your living space. This sort of design works well with any interior. It can be both a centrepiece and a part of a design system.

    Water posters are commonly used to achieve calmness and peace in the minds of visitors of the room. It works great for a children’s room, in order for the child to feel more at peace and leave the stress behind. The sea poster design offers you a variety of colour schemes, types of artworks and design options.

    If you think that artworks of the water and ocean only limit with the open sea posters or beach posters, then we must tell you that that is not the case. 

    As discussed before, sea and ocean are the places that offer a great diversity of animals and is so large, deep and exciting, that we, humans, even with the technology that is available at this day and age, are not able to look into it. 

    Sure, we are doing our best to research and figure out the secrets of the deep sea, but it will take a long time until we have covered even 10% of the ocean.

    What comes to mind when you think of the ocean? The horizon line, some waves, water. Who could have imagined that the ocean is the place where the world’s largest mountain chain is hiding? Yes, the largest mountain chain in the world is actually underwater! 

    Fun fact, this 65’000 long mountain chain considered less explored than the surface of Mars or Venus! When you are getting yourself some ocean life posters or waves posters, have a thought about what actually is underneath the surface.

    If you are ever wondering where to shop sea posters online, that are not only beautiful ocean posters but also very high quality artworks, that bring an interior together, think no more, Project Nord is the answer! Look into our Nordic Sea poster collection and find what you were looking for!

    Have you ever been thinking what could we actually find under the water? What discoveries would we be looking at, if we, humans, would have the chance to uncover every corner of the ocean? It might just be better not to know it all. Yet, we, humans, are lucky to be able to enjoy life at the sea and be friends with the water.

    The beauty of sea posters

    What is the first thing that comes to mind, when looking at ocean posters? Have you ever wanted to get some ocean poster board for your travel van? The best place where to shop sea posters is at the Project Nord website. We offer a bright diversity of wonderful sea posters, ocean view posters, wave posters and others.

    The seaside and ocean are magnificent places to be. However, they are also a huge inspiration for numerous interior designs and designers around the globe. Put one of our sea posters into your minimalist interior and see how the place starts to come together! 

    The reason why to choose a sea poster or a wave poster or just water poster for any room in your apartment is the calmness they bring around. The one place in the world where we all for sure want to feel at peace is our own personal space, is it our home, room or a cabin at the seaside or deep into the forest.

    Water has this amazing ability to heal, calm and create. Water can go from bowling into waves at the beach in Bali to forever frozen state in the coldest parts of the world, mostly near the poles of our wonderful planet. What else can it do? 

    It can make you happy! Yes, it is a fact, that being near water actually makes us, humans, happier! Admit it, every single one of us, who have had the chance to start their morning at the seaside or watch a wonderful sunset, where the sun is colouring the sky in the brightest colours, the light clouds are creating beautiful additions and catching the bright rays of the sun. That sounds like a sunset poster right here!

    Think about some of your favourite memories. How many of the wonderful moments of your life have you spent near the water? We, Project Nord, are located in the city of Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a port city, therefore the people of Copenhagen are able to swim in open water during summer and, if they want to, during the winter.

    The people who swim during the cold winter months are often named seals. Copenhageners also have the chance to be called that by going swimming into the cold sea, that almost feels like biting into your warm skin. 

    Are you looking for motivation to join the winter swimmer community? Here is a wonderful poster of a seal into the sea at wintertime. This winter poster will not only work with your home interior but also remind you to set the alarm in the morning and go and have a dip into the sea of refreshment. Swimming in cold water is actually highly beneficial for your body and mind!  

    With so many wonderful benefits that water itself brings to us, take a step further and decorate your apartment or house with the water posters. Bring the wonder of peace into your home. 

    Live a healthy, active life. In this way you do not have to worry – you will always be nearby the water. Nearby the calm place.

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