Summer Posters

The wind is kindly touching your skin with a warm breeze. You can feel a slight bite on your shoulders from the sun that has been shining non-stop for who knows how long. 

You don’t know what day it is and it doesn't even matter. Summer is finally here. The season that everyone has been so patiently waiting for.

Now it is finally here to warm us up, to melt our hearts, bleach our hair a bit and put a smile on our face that is just a bit brighter than at any other time of the year. Put some colour in our cheeks and throw on a full bucket of adventure onto you. Oh, we are all so ready for that!

Summer is the season of wild hearts and adventures. We all might just allow ourselves a little bit more, to live a tiny bit louder. The dream of a never-ending summer is at the tip of your fingers. We at Project Nord are head over heels in love with summer and all that it has to offer.

Copenhagen - City Poster
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Flower Lady
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North Sea
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La Palma
Good Vibes
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With the summer love in our head, we decided to go for it and create a poster collection with summer posters. It is the time of the year where you feel good and adventurous. That’s exactly what we like! Which is why this collection of posters is here and ready to bring out the very best of you.

It does not matter what you prefer doing in the summertime. It can be hiking in the highest mountains or swimming the deepest seas. 

Whatever it is that brings you the purest joy, emphasize the love of your summer hobbies with a beautiful summer artwork! Put some summer posters up into your living space and be reminded that there are always adventures ahead.

Summer in your home

If you have been wondering where to find some summer poster ideas, look no further! Project Nord is the place that will offer you exactly what you need to decorate your place. 

Summer can show not only outdoors and in your wardrobe, but in your apartment as well! It is the season of all colours and fun. Summer feeling is one of a kind. Add some posters to the place you live in in order to be able to feel summer even when you are indoors. 

Do you remember how summer felt like when you were a child? The freedom during summer break, meeting up with friends and playing games outside until the sky turns pitch black. Then counting stars and finding Ursa Major or other constellations that are above your head.

If you have kids yourself, help them achieve the summer feeling even more. It will bring you a happy mood as well! 

In case if you were wondering what are some affordable summer poster ideas, here is a suggestion – create some together with your kids! Summer poster drawing is great in many ways. It makes children think and imagine. 

They are improving their skills of creativity. Because it is the school holiday during summer, kids might be getting a tiny bit lazy in the creativity department. They will bring out their best summer poster ideas, because it will feel like a treat, not like an assignment at school!

In case if the kids are too young or just not up for it, find your summer poster for kids at the Project Nord website! There are plenty of creative summer posters made exactly for you!

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! Hand this tasty looking lemon poster in your kitchen for a fresh taste in your mouth and fresh sight for your eyes! This particular poster can be a great addition to your interior. 

Do not let the walls become boring, they deserve some decoration. What better way to introduce summer in your interior that with a fruit in the colour of the sun? There are plenty of fruit posters available for you at Project Nord website!

The summer solstice is the celebration of the longest day of the year. It is almost like celebrating the presence of the sun. What a wonderful tradition! 

To celebrate the light that shines upon us. The light that allows all good things to grow and alights the fascinating world around us.

Summer art prints can be a great gift to a loved one at any time of the year. As long as they are summer lovers… but who isn’t? Give a summer as a gift and see how their faces light up. How the interior of their home diffuses warmth and the awesome happiness that every summer brings around.

Did you know that television used to show only reruns during the summer months? The reason being that everyone is outside and enjoying summer, and therefore not a lot of people would be viewing the shows! 

Even though that is not the case now, make sure to live your summertime to it’s fullest potential!

Summer travel

At times during the cold winter months, all we can think about is the warm summer months. When layers of clothes are sitting in the closet and a small dress or shorts with a tee are just enough clothing to go outside. 

In case if you are summer admirer just like we at Project Nord, bring some summer designs into your apartment or home and keep the warm season just a tiny bit closer to you.

A great way to run away from the winter coldness or autumn drought is travelling. It is always summer in some parts of the world. The ones that are closer to the equator, for example, the Bali island in Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil and more. 

The warm sun rays enlighten all of these tropical destinations all year round. In case if you do not have the chance to go on a tropical adventure right now, you can bring the warm summer feeling to your home by choosing a tropical poster for your interior! The artists that work on summer graphic design styles love the summer months just as much as you do. Trust their great taste; they are well aware of how to make a summer wall art that complements your interior design.

Since we, Project Nord, are located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, we can only suggest a trip around Denmark in the summertime! It might come as a surprise of how clear and blue the water is in the Copenhagen Sea. 

Take your snorkel glasses with you when going swimming, as the underwater world might be a pleasant surprise for your eyes. We know that Denmark is not the first country that comes to mind for a tropical adventure. 

Also, true that there are no palm trees growing around the beaches. However, there are places where you can even surf in Denmark! Some say that Denmark’s beaches are Europe’s best-kept secret!

Here is a poster of Danish seaside for you, that you will love to look back at after taking a dip in the blue and clear sea that surrounds not only Copenhagen but also the whole country of Denmark. 

Have you ever swam in the sea between the two countries of Sweden and Denmark? You have your chance to do that and be able to see the coast of Denmark and Sweden from where you are swimming!

Travelling to warm and sunny places is nearly a guarantee for a time well spent. The warm sun just has the magic power to bring out the best in people. The best and brightest adventures are the ones under the sun.

Summer feeling is an irreplaceable part of our lives. Remember that there is a way to bring more summer into your life, even if you live in a place where summer is a season, instead of being around for the whole year.

Here is to more warm memories, melted ice cream and swims in the sea, beach volleyball games in the warm sand and rides on the boat! Celebrate life with the sun on your shoulders.

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