White 30x40 Frames

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    Are you looking for the finishing touch to elevate your design? Get yourself one of our wonderful white 30x40 frames. They take your posters to the next level. 

    We have two different designs of white frames which you can choose between. One is the traditional type, 4 pieces of wood with a high-quality plastic sheet in between. 

    We also have a more modern design - made of pieces of wood which are magnetised to the top and the bottom of the poster. Then, a piece of white leather is used at the top so you can hook the frame to the wall. 

    This frame is perfect for if you want to add something a bit more quirky to your interior design. They work really well together and can even be incorporated together into a gallery wall. You can get some real depth with these frames. 

    2 products

    White frames look so stunning with certain designs. Take our Moon at Dusk poster for example. As the details in this design are in white, set against a very dark background, a white frame just makes the whole thing pop off the wall. Who knew that white could be such a shocking (-ly brilliant) colour! 

    They also work great as picture frames for more colourful designs as well. If you have a design with lots of intense colours in them, it’s really nice to let your eyes rest on the frame. 

    Also, make sure  you think about the colour of the wall the frame will be hung on. If your wall is painted a pastel colour, just imagine how beautiful this frame will look! 

    With free shipping on all Project Nord products, there’s no reason not to get one of our frames when you make a poster order! Take a look at our collection today and see what is best for you space.

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